Netanyahu rebukes Barak on Egypt and security

Israel should “rush into” permitting Egypt to deploy troops in Sinai

Not always in agreement. Netanyhau had a better understanding of New Egypt than Ehud Barak.

Netanyahu responds to reports that thousands of Egyptian troops are to be deployed in Sinai; “security arrangements must be dealt with, and we must invest more resources in improving border.”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday said that any decision to increase the number of Egyptian troops in the Sinai border region must be approved by the cabinet.  He was responding to reports that Egypt and Israel have agreed to let thousands of Egyptian troops, helicopters and armored vehicles into Sinai following an escalation in violence along the border.

The move to deploy troops in Sinai would change details outlined in the peace agreement with Egypt and the prime minister said this is not something that Israel should “rush into.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

I have great respect for Ehud Barak as a general. He is the highest decorated Israeli officer ever. But Barak is spiritually blind, in regards to Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood.

To permit Egyptian soldiers back into Sinai, is to permit the Muslim Brotherhood to place its “soldiers” at the very southern border of Israel. That must never happen.

Israel have twice had to invade Sinai, to remove hostile Egyptian troops. If any security forces shall be installer in the Sinai desert, it must the Israeli soldiers. Israel is safeguarding the peace in the Region. The Muslim Brotherhood must never be trusted.

Written by Ivar

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