Islamic prayers at Israeli Embassy in Washington

Israeli ambassador hosts Ramadan dinner with Islamic prayers in his residence.

Israeli Ambassador Michal Owen submit to Islam, is his very residence in Washington.

Michael Oren holds ‘Iftar’ meal at DC residence to break traditional Muslim fast. Dining room temporarily converted into prayer room‬‬

Thursday night. Around 60 guests took part in the event, including dozens of representatives of the US Muslim community, government officials, congress members and diplomats.

The residence’s dining room was temporarily converted into a prayer room – rugs were placed on the floor facing towards Mecca.

Presiding over the kitchens was a chef from one of the many Arab embassies in Washington who made sure the celebratory meal was made in accordance with ‘Halal’ – Islamic laws.


My comment:

It is not shocking that ‪‪Michael Oren‬‬ has become a strong promoter of the One World Religion.

During the last Passover, the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem (ICEJ), let him greet all their supporters.  ICEJ distributed Owens greetings in a globally distributed email. The message was about another kind of “passover”, that Muslims in the Middle East would experience as the result of “the Arab Spring”.

  Exodus 20:2-3.

“I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.

“You shall have no other gods before me”.

Many Christian Zionists felt such a comparison with the passover in Egypt, was blunt blasphemy against God of the Bible. Mecca is not mentioned in the Bible. Jerusalem is mentioned 801 times.

Muslims praying in Jerusalem, facing Mecca, with their butt towards the Temple Mount.

To turn the resident of the Israeli Ambassador in Washington into an Islamic prayer hall, is another form of blasphemy done by ‪‪Michael Oren‬‬.

No Jew would pray in the director of Mecca. Jews have during thousands of year, prayed to God of Israel in the direction of Jerusalem. There have never been a Jewish desire to submit to Islam, nor to support the One World Religion. Such a desire comes from fear for what Radical Islam might do to secular Israelis, like the Ambassador him self.

All who have seen Muslims praying on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, have seen them turning their butt towards the Dome of the Rock, praying southwards towards Mecca. So much for the Islamic “respect” for the site of the two ancient Jewish temples.

Now secular Jew ‪‪Michael Oren‬‬ have done the same. Turned his butt towards the very city He is called to be a good caretaker off.

It is shameful.

Written by Ivar

12 thoughts on “Islamic prayers at Israeli Embassy in Washington

  1. That is beyond rediculous! Netanyahu should recall him. This is beyond comprehension. Israel needs to quit worrying about kissing up to Washington so much. This article makes me angry!

    1. Dear Richard.


      May be Obama would like to change his chair in the oval office? It is important that he faces Mecca when he pray.

      1. Dear Richard.


        I just took a fresh look at the Oval office. Obama is sitting with his face towards Greenland and Canada. So if He is a proper Muslim, he will several times every day, turn towards east and pray. I know there are tapes recording all that takes place inside this office these days. 50 years from now, probably in Heaven, we will get to know the prayers done inside this office. I will not be surprised if we hear one or two: “allah o akbar”.

  2. Ivar you dont have to convince me there is no doubt in my mind that he is Muslim. I just dont get Israel. Israel’s economy is doing well. Do they really need the US, its money, or its defense contracts?

    1. Dear Richard.


      To fully understand Israel, you must look towards New York. The Jewish family is split in two. Half of them home in Israel, and the other half still lost in the USA.

      Many fishermen has been sent by God of the Bible to bring them home. Obama might just be another hunter.

  3. It is a ‘shame indeed’…yet when I read ”they turned their butts to…”
    I couldn’t help but laugh…it’s funny…reminds me of Psalm 2…there will be a whole lot of ‘kissing-up’ real fast..but it won’t work…they were so busy kissing up to the Devils Pawns or is that ‘Spawns’…The more I read these things and see so much going on in America…I truly get real sad because it’s just not any resemblance of the America I knew…though this kind of lunacy in the White (out) House has been going on a long time…Our Lord is bringing all of this to light…for all to see…shame many feel it’s a good thing…Well Obama says ”Change”…The Word of God says,,,God changes not…

    1. Shalom Andrea,
      Oren is a traitor, period! GOd has blinded the eyes of the Jew to the Messiah, however, we are witnesses to the fact, that GOd is lifting that veil, in our day. GOd has not blinded anyone’s eyes to evil. Everyone knows that murder, lies, and rape, are wilful acts of evil, and those who embrace these acts, do so with the full knowlege that they are committing crimes. It makes no difference if the are secular or not! We are all born with the GOd given ability to discern the difference between good and evil.
      In this world today, there are many variations of religious beliefs, but murder is no nuance, everyone knows that it is wrong! And those who sanction it are just as guilty.

  4. We have many traitors amongst us…and all of them are just as guilty as if they pulled the trigger themselves for they condone and/or support the acts that are committed on and against humanity. Many are and have been and will be turned over to a reprobate mind, to do what they will …yes Denise they know,..they know…sigh… I write to Inmates across the Country and it’s a heart wrenching time of many prayers…many are a jail-house-religion…but there are many who have come to the point of knowing Jesus as Their Lord…and what real freedom is while they are locked up in the physical they are free in the spirit. These people out here are in bondage yet they walk freely…You are so right God is lifting the veil from the eyes of many…yet Israel is still in darkness…and in much danger…There was a reason Jesus said to pray for Jerusalem..In this day and age there are many traitors in high you well know..Thank you Sister for your information, and labor.

  5. Andrea,
    I know that GOd is lifting the veil, from off of the eyes of the Jewish people. Today, there are more than one hundred Messianic Congrations in Israel. I have some dear friends, who are at this time, in Israel, working with Jews For Jesus, with much success.
    I believe that GOd is begining to seperate the wheat from the tares, in preperation for the harvest. Soon, He will gather His whole church, for one of the most glorious events to ever transpire; the return of the Messiah, and the wedding of the Lamb.
    The day is fast approaching, when we will once again, tabernacle with GOd. We will be schooled in all truth, by Yeshua, Himself. One day we will be able to break bread with Mary and Ruth, talk with Abraham and David. Then we will live life, with joy unspeakable!

  6. This is a free world where everyone is free to follow any religion he feels is the right way. so stop criticizing, Obama can chose to be a Muslim or christian since there is freedom of religion.

    1. Muslims, and/or the Muslim Faith did not…DID NOT..die for all mankind at Calvary’s Cross, nor were they the Sacrificial Lamb of God HIS ONLY begotten Son, to take upon the sins of all that all may have Eternal Life if they ‘repent and believe’ the Gospel of Jesus Christ….all who do not…are under condemnation already because they did not choose Jesus….So yes Pharaoh Obama can assuredly wallow with the Muslims and any other faith but he will be just like all man-kind will be Cast out into Utter darkness when they choose to deny Jesus Christ…thus the reason why ‘all who are Born of God’ continue to pray for you and all those who are still in open rebellion to God…just as we had others that prayed for us ‘to believe in Jesus Christ The Lord of Glory!

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