Bolivian Mennonites jailed for serial rapes

Members of religious sect gets 25 years for raping more than 100 women.

Santa Rita is a Mennonite community near Santa Cruz, Bolivia

A court in Bolivia has sentenced seven members of a reclusive conservative Christian group to 25 years in prison for raping more than 100 women.

The men, members of a Mennonite group, secretly sedated their victims before the sex attacks.

The victims’ lawyer said the 2000-strong Mennonite community where the rapes happened welcomed the sentence.
The group follows a strict moral code and rejects modern inventions such as cars and electricity.

An eighth man was sentenced to 12-and-a-half years for supplying the sedative used to drug the women.The rapes happened in the Mennonite community of Manitoba, 150km (93 miles) north-east of the city of Santa Cruz.

The court heard that the men sprayed a substance derived from the belladonna plant normally used to anaesthetise cows through bedroom windows at night, sedating entire families. They then raped the women and girls. The youngest victim was nine years old.

Source: BBC


Christians not called to leave the World, nor isolate them selves.  We are called to be in the World, but not to be of the World.

  John 17:15
My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one.

There are 50.000 Mennonite’s in Bolivia. The community of 2.000 who raised the rapists, are less than five per cent of the total.
In the Mennonite camp, there are group who have got completely lost in legalism.  They saw the 1880-ties as the heights of civilization, and decided not to accept modern technology as electricity.

The problem with such versions of “Christianity”, is that teachers of such doctrines have no backing in the scriptures.
There is no verse in the Bible that ban electricity. Nor not to use medicine.

Preachers of legalism do nullify the scriptures as the highest authority. They also nullify grace. A Mennonite who installed electrical light in his house, would be threatened by his leaders. He would be told he was about to loose his salvation.

Where legalism have taken over churches, the presence of the Holy Spirit will come to an end. A meaningful definition of such congregations are:  Bible believing, not born again, “Christians”.

The rapist in Bolivia fits into this definition. If you have not received the Holy Spirit, you are still slave of sin. Sexual crimes are a fruit of darkness.

Many Mennonites lost their way.

Written by Ivar

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