On the day after Zachery Tims’ funeral, evangelist Paula White preached a Sunday sermon.

Prosperity gospel preacher Zachery Tims died of an overdose of drugs on a Manhattan Hotel.

Florida megachurch pastor Zachery Tims was found dead in a New York City hotel room on Friday, according to police.

A white powdery substance believed to be narcotics was discovered on the body, The Wall Street Journal reports.

New York City police said 42-year-old Orlando pastor was found dead on the floor of a room at the W Hotel in Times Square late Friday afternoon. There was no criminal activity suspected. The medical examiner will determine the cause of death.

On the day after Zachery Tims’ funeral, evangelist Paula White preached a Sunday sermon to the congregation that the outside world will be watching to see whether New Destiny Christian Center can survive without its inspirational, dynamic founder.

Prosperity preacher Paula White replaced Tims in his pulpit.

“New Destiny, it’s not just about you any longer. It’s about the nation watching you. It’s about how you are going to respond, about what you are going to do,” said White, pastor of Without Walls International Church in Tampa.

Source: Orlando Senteniel

My comment:

Who was pastor Zachery Tims?

He was a preacher of the Prosperity gospel, and a believer in the Word of Faith doctrines. This is what a website has recorded:

 Tims’ gospel, which I have heard in person, was not established upon biblical doctrine, but is that of the human desire for health, wealth and self-esteem.

 (ROMANS 16:17-18) The Word of Faith gospel. The Trinity Broadcasting Network gospel.

A gospel which is a combination of Pentecostalism and the Faith Movement, whose root teachings stem from a 19th century New Thought cult made popular by E.W. Kenyon. After Kenyon came Kenneth Hagin, Oral Roberts and A.A. Allen.

Then came Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, T.D. Jakes and Creflo Dollar. And is now a gospel being proclaimed to the world through all forms of media and literary art by their sons and daughters of the Word of Faith movement such as Paula White, Joel Osteen, and, the recently deceased Zachery Tims.

Source: The Cypress Times

I have earlier warned about the false Jesus, presented by the Word of Faith movement, The “ATM Jesus”, who promises good return for those who give cash to the teachers of the prosperity gospel.

If you are not born again from above, and submit to Jesus of the Bible, you will become a religious person. You will pretend to be blessed, rich and perfect. But the light of the World is not reigning in your heart.