Limited Islamic terror distress the Jewish people

20 more rockets from Gaza has been fired into free and democratic Israel in 24 hours.

Another Islamic rocket hits Ashekelon in Southern Israel.

This is what the Jerusalem Post reports:

  “Defense officials said Israel would hold Hamas responsible for the increase in rocket fire that began on Wednesday after a short lull and included more than 20 rockets that struck Israel throughout the night. IDF sources said Islamic Jihad was behind the rocket fire and that there were indications that Hamas was trying to rein in the group to prevent a larger Israeli retaliation”.

My comment:

If Hamas and Hizb”Allah had fired 500 rockets into Israel in 24 hours, it would be obvious that Israel was under attack, and had to strike back hard. All World media had to report from this kind of massive missile attack.

But “only” 20 rockets are not even close to reach the International Headlines.

Hamas knows that “limited terror” is the best attack on Israel. It keeps the Jewish people in distress, and close to trigger another Gaza-war.

If Israel trigger another Gaza-war, the International society and NATO is not going to side with the only free and democratic state in the Middle East.  The West will side with Islamic Jihad, and blame Israel for the escalation.

Behold, my Jewish brothers and sisters.

There is no political solution to the problem of Jew-hate. It comes from the devil.

The solution is the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua from Nazareth. He will come and kill the last anti-Christ, with the splendor of His second coming to Jerusalem. Many friends of Israel call up on Him as Jesus our Lord. Amen.

Written by Ivar

18 thoughts on “Limited Islamic terror distress the Jewish people

  1. you pathetic fool. you worship the son of a village whore thinking he is the son of god… he most likely was the son of a traveler on his way to a market.

    you and the likes of you will be punished by us, the people of the middle east, for your crimes and collaboration with the criminals. state of israel is a criminal state and those who support it will be tried and convicted in the appropriate courts. for now, we have iran as the sole defender of justice in the middle east. in the future, iraq, turkey and others will join this righteous struggle. just remember, you asked for this…

    1. You are the PATHETIC FOOL UNIW! Delusional YES you ARE as well as all of Isalm.

      Do you see christians blowing up other christians or Jews blowing up other Jews?

      When God rains down his judgement on you and the rest of Islam I can only hope you repent and choose John 14:6 Finally!

      And when Gods judgement comes Just remember YOU asked for it!

      1. i see christians blowing up people of all faiths in iraq, pakistan and afghanistan daily and in thousands… just because the bomb is dropped from a drone doesn’t make it any less of a deplorable act. you are living proof with your comments that christianity as it’s practiced in the us today is a perversion of all that is good and decent with mankind. you morons are assisting in the ethnic cleansing of a population for the selfish reason to be accepted to a place which doesn’t exist. your pathetic lack of morals will lead to your demise and the moral people of this earth will ban your cult from ever seeing the light of day again!

        mark my words you immoral deviants.

      2. Dear Univ.

        Shalom, and welcome to this site.

        You wrote:

        i see christians blowing up people of all faiths in iraq, pakistan and afghanistan daily and in thousands.

        My comment:

        No Christian can cripple and kill. Jesus told us to love our enemies, and bless those who persecute us.

        I guess the Western people who kill citizens of Iraq, are a mix of atheists, secular men, and even agnostics?

        There are surely some “cultural Christian’s” among them. But they have never been followers of Jesus, but only Christian by apostate Churches definition of a “Christian”. Anti-Christ’s will claim to be Christians, and make a mockery out of the teachings of Jesus the Messiah.

      3. Lack of Morals? What are you talking about?
        Ethic Cleansing? What are you talking about?
        When was the last you saw a Islamic charity in any country helping anyone? Thats what I thought. ZERO ZIP! There are thousands of christian ministries even in muslim countries.

        Name one muslim country that has advanced anthing technologically? Islamic countries are cursed by God. The majority of the Islam is a third world country. Why do you think that is? Look at the agressors. Iran? Syria? Eygpt? Pakistan? Turkey? Saudia Arabia who has oil but offers nothing else? Libyia nothing but oil.

        Appropriate courts? What Sharia Courts on some corner behing a 7 Eleven? Yea thats very appropriate or in a mud hut?

        Please describe righteous amongst Islam? Your too busy blowing each other up. There is nothing righteous about your faith. It sure isnt peaceful.

        What christians are blowing each other up in Iraq your lost get a paper. What I see is radical muslims blowing up christians in Iraq, Eygpt, Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia and Iran.

        Please I encourage an educated response that is thought out.

        Please explain why you blow each other up. Please explain why you marry kids as young as two because that is just gross?

        I look forward to your responses.

        I suggest you read 23 minutes in Hell by Bill Weiss because thats where you are heading.

      4. @ivarfjield

        oh, the good old “no true scotsman” logical fallacy is invoked whenever the christians don’t want to take blame for anything bad that they do… this is old and a proven logical fallacy. the fact of the matter is that, when people who are brought up with christian doctrine and identify as christians commit atrocities, it is under the name of christianity that we should accurately chalk up these murders, rapes and pillages. as for the actual evangelical soldiers who kill and maim thousands upon thousands in iraq, afghanistan and pakistan today, they have been caught red handed with their bibles written in urdu and pashtu as exposed by al-jazeera. same goes with the reports of jeremy scahill who exposed the christian dominionist ideology of blackwater and other us contractors that are responsible for murders, rapes and many other atrocities. this is only skimming the surface, by the way, the truth when exposed in full reflects so much worse on christians.

      5. @richard

        let me answer your “questions/accusations” one by one…
        red crescent… active and recognized by 33 islamic countries. most secular institutions of charity are also much more effective and useful than christian charities. unhra and unicef are two that comes to mind immediately. so ultimately, the only zero and zip were in your knowledge and intellect…. a lovely irony.

        muslim empires in the past were far more technologically advanced than their christian counterparts. only when secularism was adopted in european societies, leaving christianity aside, sciences and subsequent technologies surpassed that of muslim nations. it’s funny that you have to invoke that argument when your everyday mathematics is the work of muslim scholars. all of the body of work that was used during the renaissance were translated from arabic sources, so without muslim scientists your so-called civilization would have never taken off the ground. so were the christians cursed by god than and the muslims blessed? by your logic, that is the only conclusion we can come to.

        i was thinking more along the lines of setting up courts against crimes of humanity that weren’t eurocentric in their approach to the truth.

        i referred to myself as a middle easterner. that is a cultural heritage, not a religious one. bad as islamists might be, the 20th century death toll at the hands of christians surpass islamists by a ratio of 100 to 1 easily.

        oh right, since you are a christian, christians blowing up non-christians isn’t a moral issue for you. thanks for exposing your (lack of) morality to the world.

        all muslim countries have adopted since their inceptions age-of-consent laws that are higher than that of christian european countries which represent where their ethics stand on this issue. you could research that for yourself but i doubt it would change your dogmatic mind.

        and here is a question for you. why do you christians rape underage boys? it seems to be a recurrent theme with you guys.

      6. Dear Uniw


        You wrote:

        and here is a question for you. why do you christians rape underage boys? it seems to be a recurrent theme with you guys.

        My comment:

        The Roman Catholic religion has nothing to do with Christianity. Followers of Jesus can not harm anyone.

  2. Ivar:
    Jewish hatred originated in the Garden of Eden; Genesis 3:15, GOd, speaking to Satan says;”And I will put enmity between you (satan) and the woman (Israel), and between your seed (all of satan’s followers, the ultimate offspring being the antichrist) and her Seed; (Yeshua) He shall bruise your head,(a head wound to a serpent is a mortal wound) and you shall bruise His heel.” (Yeshua, will sustain a serious injury, (crucifiction.)
    The seed of the woman is also alluding to the virgin birth, as women do not have seed.
    Satan knew that this was a death sentance. So Satan; in an effort to preserve his own life, has throughout history, tried to kill off the progenitors of the Seed, theJewish people.
    Then the logical question becomes; Why after Satan’s defeat at the cross, why the need to continue killing Jews? I believe that the answer can be found in Matthew 23:39, Yeshua, speaking to the Jews says; “for I say to you, you shall see Me no more till you say,’Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!'” Yeshua clearly states, that untill the Jewish people, as a nation, welcome Him back, He cannot, and He will not, return. Satan knows, that all that is written in the scriptures must be fulfilled. He wants every jew dead, so that they will not be able to invite Him back.
    This is the source of all Jewish hatred, and it comes straight from the pit of hell.

  3. I feel like I’m talking to a wall. The only hope I can wish on him is that God will some how intrevene in his life. Maybe he will have a vision that Jesus is the messiah like thousands of other muslims in the middle east are having.

    John 14:6 And Jesus I am the way the truth and the life. No one shall get to the father except through me.

    It doesnt get any clearer than that.

    1. Hi Richard
      Remember, even Christ’s own people for the most part did not believe. They saw him perform miracles and still did not believe.
      Pray that God will give Uniw eyes to see and ears to hear. Pray that God will grant him a heart to believe.

  4. What a response, Yes, Jesus Christ, You are The way, The Truth, and The Life…no one will go to the Father, except thru me, my Lord Jesus Christ..God (Jesus Christ) bless Israel and J’lem..

    It’s strange, through Jesus Christ, I too can love mine enemies ( Uniw ) …May Jesus Christ show Uniw the way while he has time, for time is short…

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