Cardinal Tauran: Catholics and Muslims are spiritually very close

“We are spiritually very close to you, dear Friends,” and “asking God to give you renewed spiritual energy”.

The Pope is spiritually very close to the Muslims, if we understand Cardinal Tauran correctly.

This was the message from Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, head of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue.

In his message he urged Catholics and Muslims to strengthen their families and pass on moral values to their children. This was a Vatican promoted message for the upcoming end of Ramadan.

Cardinal Tauran concluded his letter by saying that the Catholic community is “spiritually very close to you, dear Friends,” and “asking God to give you renewed spiritual energy” as “we send you our very best wishes for peace and happiness.”

Cardinal Tauran is very close to Ahmadinejad. Here he pay the Islamic dictator a visit in Teheran.
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (C) greets Vatican representative Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran (R) after a photo with other heads of states and dignitaries before their working lunch at King David hotel in Jerusalem, March 16, 2005.

Source: CNA

My comment:

That Catholics and Islam are spiritually very close, we do not have to dispute. They both serve “god”, but this “god” is not God of the Bible.

God the Son, Jesus of the Bible, is not spiritually close to Muslims. Simply because Islam do not teach that God has a Son equal to Him self.

Without a surrender to this Biblical truth, you will not be given the Holy Spirit. And if you have not submitted to Jesus as the king of Kings, you will die in your sins.

The eternal destiny for Catholics and Muslims will not be the Kingdom of Heaven. They will have to spend eternity with their “god”, who unfortunately for them is the “god” of this world: Satan.

Written by Ivar

11 thoughts on “Cardinal Tauran: Catholics and Muslims are spiritually very close

    1. Dear Matriach


      I know about this theory, and I have some few objections.

      In 620 A.D, the RCC did not have massive political powers in the Arab world. Muhammad went into the desert, and got his demonic revelation without any help from Rome.

      In 620 A.D the Western Roman Empire had fallen, and Rome was rather ruled by chaos and confusion.

      Remember that Islam rounded up, not only true Christianity in North Africa, but attacked and occupied the Catholic stronghold of Spain.

      It is better to conclude that both Catholicism and Islam is from the devil. Sometimes the devil use his children to attack each other to reach his goals. In the end, the children of the devil will unite to get the final anti-Christ up on the World stage.

  1. God knows who serves him.those who serve God dont think the way people in the world think.their may aim lies on heavenly things.

    1. Dear Diane.


      If you follow this logic, Benjamin Netanyahu must rush to the hospital. Because during his first term in office, He gave Hebron to Yasser Arafat.

      I do not support the destruction of Gush Katif. It was a fatal political mistake. But do not forget that Sharon was under stern International pressure. So was Netanyahu. Non of them acted out of convictions.

      I will never claim a political move, as the reason for God punishing Ariel Sharon. He is a hero of the Jewish people, who fought for the very existence of Israel in several wars.

      Please read Daniel chapter 4, and see how God used Nebukanesar to punish the Jews. He ate grass, but got his sanity back. Let us pray that Sharon will make it to the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

  2. Google the pope kissing the koran, it’s a sickening visiual, but do it anyway. The catholic church was a supporter of Hitler, and Hitler was right in line with the muslims then, and so nothing has changed. The muslims have always tried to exterminate the offspring of Jacob. Thankfully, GOd has other plans. ‘Come Lord Jesus!’

  3. I am a Catholic and came to the knowledge of Jesus Christ better through the Catholic which continues to move along the path of righteousness. Remember what Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is like a drag net cast into the sea which drags both good and bad. The Catholic Church may have the good among the bad ones.
    What matters is your faith and total submission to Jesus Christ not the Church you attend.

    1. Chris

      it matters if your attending a sacrifice at the mass, which is what the mass is, the unbloody re-sacrifice of Christ…check out the OFFICIAL teachings in the catechism matters if you confess to a priest as you do in Catholicism, where Gods word says there is only ONE mediator and its not a priest, its Christ matters if your depending on your baptism and confirmation as access into eternity…it matters that the head of the catholic church is the pope yet the head of Christ church is Christ Himself…Chris, it matters….Come out …

  4. The Vatican is desperately seducing Islam as world govt. grows closer. They simply MUST have Islam as a partner as they take over the Holy Land, support Palestine and head up world religion.

  5. Chris:
    My learning about Yeshua, is from a Jewish back ground. What I can share with you is this; no person, no church, no group, ‘moves along a path of righteousness.’ We have no righteousness of our own, it all comes directly from Yeshua.
    Remember this one thing; Yeshua (JESUS) was a Jew, He did not start a new religion, ‘God does not change.’ You will never really know Him untill you get to know Him from a Jewish perspective.
    In the New Testament, you will notice that Jesus only celebrated the Jewish Feast days. These are the feasts of the Lord, these are times set aside by GOd Himself, as His times to meet with us. Notice that GOd calles them’ the feasts of the Lord,’ this means that they are His feasts, and if you belong to Him, then they are your feasts as well. The feasts are crucial for understanding end-times prophecy.THEY ARE PROPHETIC! More importantly, the feasts teach us how to properly worship GOd.
    Remember when GOd gave the children of Israel instructions for keeping kosher? These are called the laws of Kashrut. These are instructions on what to eat, what to wear,ect.. , most importantly, how to worship. The message in all of these laws is; DO NOT MIX THE HOLY WITH THE PROFANE!
    The Catholic church is notorious for mixing paganism with christian worship. This is exactly what GOd warned the children of Israel not to ever, ever, do! This is one thing that GOd HATES! When the jews did this, they were seriously punnished. Please, do not think that He will give ‘Christians’ a wink and a nod, for doing the very same things that the children of Israel did. Look at the punnishment that they received. HaShem,warned them; do not worship as the Pagans do!
    The pope calls himself ‘the vicar of Christ,’ WOW! Jesus is GOd and He shares His Glory with no one! Certainly not the pope. Catholics pray to dead saints, and to Mary. This is necromancy, it is a practice that is absolutely forbiden by GOd! This is not the path to righteousness; it is the path to hell!
    We are now seeing catholics merging with Islam, they did the same thing with Hitler. This is just history repeating itself. Google the pope kissing the koran, see it for yourself.
    Chris, pray to trhe GOd of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to lead you in His ways, and in all truth. Ask Him for an extra portion of the Holy Spirit to teach you and guide you in all things. For now get away from the catholic church as fast as you can; RUN LIKE A GAZELLE!!!

    1. Shalom, shalom Denise,

      It is a blessing to hear the truth spoken. So called Christianity is very far from the teachings of Yeshua. They make a mockery of Yahweh and His word, the tanakh.

      I now understand that Yeshua came for His sheep (the Jews) and the lost sheep of the house of Israel (the ten northern tribes) and other sheep (gentiles) to gather them together into one fold. While there is still time left, we pray that Yahweh grant them repentance to come to the truth.

      Blessings and peace

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