170 Billion USD bounty for Islamic Jihad in Libya

The US has 30 billion USD in frozen Libyan assets. The UK holds 12 billion Pounds.

Obama is a better promoter of Islamic Jihad, than Colonel Gaddafi could ever be. Both claim "allah" is great.

The Islamic takeover of Libya, will be the greatest bounty for Islamic Jihad ever.

Up to USD 100 billion in Libyan assets are to be unfrozen by the United Nations to help fund the stabilization of the country after the overthrow of the Gadhafi regime.

There are thought to be around pounds 12 billion of assets in Britain. The frozen assets in the US is estimated to be 30 billion USD

Libya has also declared gold reserves of nearly 144 tons, worth more than pounds 3.6 billion.

Source: The Vancouver Sun

My comment:

The US will soon hand over Iraq to the shia Muslim majority. They wiill quickly move into union with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Washington is also in talks with the Taliban. Not about the Islamic terrorist organizations surrender, but rather of their “peaceful” take over of Kabul.

In Egypt, the US has removed one of their military dictators, soon to bless the installation of the Muslim Brotherhood in the government.

In Lebanon, Hizb”Allah has entered the Prime Minister’s office, and hold a seat in the security council of United Nations.

The last fruit of the American struggle for “freedom and democracy”, is the Islamic forces entering Tripoli. 170 Billion US dollars are a lot of money. Islamic jihad has already got a lot, and they are ready to get more.

Not only must we questions the US leaderships motives for being the most successful promoter of Islam in modern history.

We must also ask our selves if Islamic terrorists are wrong in their bold statements in cities like Paris and London:” To hell with freedom. Islam will rule the World”.

Freedom of expression expressed in the streets of London.
Police can do nothering. By law thay have to protecct Muslims ladies promoting Sharia Laws, to abolish freedom.

Written by Ivar

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