Knut Arild Hareide bans Christians from telling biblical truths during the party’s election campaign in Norway.

Knut Arild Hareide is an apostate "Christian", who harm the spreading of gospel truths.

Hareide is the leader of the Christian Democratic Party (KrF) in Norway. He stopped Haakon Brænden, KrF’s country leader in Oslo, from telling the truth about gay’s.

Brænden wrote in a forum post on the Party’s web pages, that “many homosexuals want help converting to heterosexuality”

“The fact that a lot of homosexuals carry round a wish to get help in changing their sexual orientation towards the opposite gender should not be suppressed. Not wishing to see this is perhaps discriminating against those amongst us who are weaker,”

Alleging “as far as I know, trials in the US showed that a quarter of men with homosexual tendencies have returned to heterosexual ones”, he answered in an email when questioned by NRK that, “his concern is to help those who want help themselves.”

Haakon Brænden was silenced by the party wip.

Party colleague Gaute Brækken, who is homosexual, distances himself from Mr Brænden’s remarks, saying he is “surprised” and that they “are contrary to official KrF policy”.

Deputy Leader of the Open Church Group for Lesbians and Gays, Geir Wiknes, thinks they belong in the past.

“I feel they are extremely hurtful. This is especially on behalf of all who surround themselves with these types of attitudes and answer for who they are, and who are forced by the congregation, priests, or their friends to think less of themselves. It’s a view of humanity that has passed its expiry date.”

Mr Brænden has since removed his post and “apologises if someone feels wounded” by it.

Source: The Foreigner

My comment:

It is no breaking news that the Christian Democratic Party (KrF) in Norway, do no longer have the Bible as their guiding light.

Neither are this party willing to support the truth about homosexuals who desire to leave their life in sin, and stop their sexual immorality.

For all Lutherans, Martin Luther’s “two regiment theology” is a huge challenge.

All Christians agree that there is a spiritual regiment placed on Earth, who is called to get as many souls to Heaven as possible.

But what about the earthly regiment, who seek politic power?

Should Christians enter politics, in a bid to get political powers to change the World?

The balanced view on this, is that all Christians must try to win new souls for Jesus. Christians are also called to protect these new souls from getting lost, as they walk on Earth.

Many of them will have to work in secular jobs, simply to be able to pay the bills.  They struggle to not corrupt them selves, by submitting to the standards of the World.

The problem with “national governance”, is that politics corrupts even the best Christian character. Knut Arild Hareide is an excellent example, of fruit of corruptions within the political establishment.

The Kr.F leader see no point in calling people to leave their life in sin. To the opposite: His faith is based on the same “values” as many Lutheran priests. They bless sin, and raise their voice against those who still preach the gospel.

This kind of “Christian” leaders,  will lead Norway into a spiritual disaster, in the name of “Jesus”.

Religious Lutherans often point their  fingers on Israel, because only 12.000 Jews in Israel, believe that Jesus is the Messiah. I am starting to get convinced, that there might not be a significant higher number of Norwegians left, who really are willing to obey Jesus.

Jesus question have become a grim reality:

– Will He find faith when He returns?

The Lutheran history and claimed “cultural Christianity” of Norway is not going to save a single Norwegian in our present age.

Written by Ivar