Abbas postpones Palestinian municipal elections without setting a new date.

From Islamic terrorists to statesman. Sakorzy enjoy the assembly of the wicked.

The Western-backed Palestinian president delayed local elections for a third time on Monday without setting a new date.

Palestinian democracy has been crippled since the Islamic militant Hamas violently overran the Gaza Strip in 2007, forming a rival government to President Mahmoud Abbas’ West Bank-based Palestinian Authority.

Abbas has overstayed his own term and is ruling the West Bank by decree. Municipal elections were initially scheduled for July 2010.

Abbas said Monday that he wanted to make sure elections take place in both Palestinian territories.

“We have decided to postpone the local elections until better conditions are available. and to enable the election commission to work in all parts of the country,” he said in a decree.

The Washington Post

My comment:

The so-called “Palestinian statehood” is a strange man made invention.

Abu Mazen has political backing in the EU. Angela Merkel is a supporter.

It is a result of Islamic terrorism against the state of Israel, that started in 1964.

In 1990, the PLO was awarded with permission to set up its base just north of Jerusalem.

The PLO was not formed on an agenda of brining freedom and democracy to the Jordanians, who wanted to rule both east and west of the Jordan river.

The PLO has no regards for human rights, freedom of speech and democratically inspired elections.

The PLO was formed to liberate “Palestine” from Jews: To destroy the Jewish nation, that in 1964 had not liberated East Jerusalem, Golan, Judea and Samaria.

The best example of his totalitarian mind, is Abu Mazen non acceptance of the election in Gaza in 2006. Hamas became the biggest political party, and had a moral right to rule.

The PLO refused to leave the Governmental office, and had to be ousted in a military cue.

Abu Mazen has no intention to resign from his post as Chairman of the Ramallah trust that takes care of aid from United States and the EU. To much money and “foreign investments” are at risk. Hamas is still not submitting to the “peace plans” promoted by the White House.

The ideology of Hamas is still connected to Iran. The World is still not ready to accept the Ayatollah in the Islamic Republic as a man of “peace”.

By default Mazen is forced to rule without a mandate. Few if any will take notice of this fresh postponement of democracy.

Like an exalted king without clouts, Mazen sits on his throne. This throne is build up by US dollars. Washington’s failed foreign policy in the Middle East is the reason for this chaos. The Western political acceptance of Islamic terrorism was a horrible, not revocable mistake.

The sterling's invested to build another Islamic kingdom must be protected.

Still the International community will blame Israel, for being behind the split and civil war in the Islamic camp.

The truth is that there will never be democracy and respect for human rights in the proposed “Palestinian state”.

There never was such a state, and hopefully there will never be. Religious Muslims will not accept anything else but Sharia Laws.

Written by Ivar