17 Eucharistic chapels around the venue had blown down in last night’s storm. The pilgrims could not receive “Jesus”.

Catholic priests ready for confession in Madrid. The Eucharist had to be cancelled, because "Jesus" disappeared during the storm.

The pilgrims who came to the final mass with the Pope in Spain, was not able to “receive Jesus”. The reason might amaze the readers.  “Jesus of the Eucharist” had disappeared during the storm that blocked the Pope from hold his speech.

This is what the Roman Catholic News agency CNA has recorded:  

 “The only disappointment for many pilgrims was that most were unable to receive Communion during Mass. This was due to the fact that many of the 17 Eucharistic chapels around the venue had blown down in last night’s storm while others had to be dismantled due to safety fears”.

Not receiving “Jesus” due to “safety fears”?  What an incompetent “god” the Roman Catholics serve.

Even after the “Jesus of the Eucharist” had been blown away in the wind, the Pope kept on claiming that the only true Jesus, is fund inside the Roman Catholic Church.  And that we who claim that Jesus only is physically present in Heaven, are following a counterfeit Messiah.

Here is the statement of the Pope:

 “Following Jesus in faith means walking at his side in the communion of the Church. We cannot follow Jesus on our own,” he said in his homily at the event’s closing Mass at Cuarto Vientos airbase on the outskirts of Madrid.

“Anyone who would be tempted to do so ‘on his own,’ or to approach the life of faith with the kind of individualism so prevalent today, will risk never truly encountering Jesus, or will end up following a counterfeit Jesus.”

Source: CNA

I never get tired of exposing the blunt blasphemy against Jesus, that takes place inside the Roman Catholic Church (RCC).

The RCC claims that Jesus is found physically in the round wafer, that the Catholic faithful swallow during the mass.

Since the Eucharist chapels disappeared during the storm, I guess “Jesus of Rome” also disappeared?

Another strange Italian “flying Messiah”.

Where did he go?

We might never get a better exposure of the false teaching of the Pope. Yesterday storm and  lighting did not bring back Jesus to Earth during the World Youth day in Spain.

The storm that took the Jesus-bread away from the Catholics in Madrid.
A young Catholic girl feels the heat. No blessings from Heaven during the Pope's visit.

The storm showed very clearly that the Pope do not have any power. A helpless 84 year old man could not hold his speech to over a million deceived youth.

That God of the Bible turned this Catholic venue into complete chaos, will hopefully open the eyes of quite a few Catholics. The priest must be busy searching for clue and answers.

Where is their Jesus now?

How to bring him back into the Eucharist chapels and tabernacles?

All who read the Bible, will see that the true Jesus will not disappear in lightening and storms. He would rather be in the lightening, and not in the round Catholic wafer.

Luke 17:23-25
People will tell you, ‘There he is!’ or ‘Here he is!’ Do not go running off after them. For the Son of Man in his day will be like the lightning, which flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other.

The Pope and his followers have not only skipped the Bible, to follow the traditions of men. They are also completely blinded, neither willing nor able to accept the truth.

Written by Ivar