Claim he lost daughter to the devil, vowed revenge

The daughter of Rodney Howard-Browne died. “Catch the fire” preacher vowed revenge.  

A lady catch the fire, coming from the anointing of Howard Rodney Browne.

On Christmas eve in 2002, the 18-year-old daughter of Rodney Howard-Browne died of a lung decease.

The sad death of Kelly Howard-Browne  was covered by an article in the March 05, 2003 edition of Charisma Magazine, the major magazine of the Charismatic movement in the US.

Rodney Howard-Browne believed His daughter had a demonic sickness, still she went home to Heaven without being healed.  After Kelly had departed, Howard-Browne also tried to raise her “from the dead”. He did not manage.

The Word of Faith preacher gave an interesting statement, recorded in Charisma:

“My daughter dying is the worst career move the devil could have made. We’re going after 100 million souls, and he will pay.”

Source: Charisma Magazine

You can read more details around the death of Kelly, on this site.

My comment:

My motive is not to dig into the family tragedies of Rodney Howard-Browne. I have deep respect for all who mourn over their loved once, those who prayed for healing of their children, and desired to see them get a long life on Earth.

But I will question the logic of Howard-Browne, and the theology he represent.

If Kelly is home in Heaven, how come this is presented by Howard-Browne as a victory for the devill?

What is it Howard-Browne feels the devil have to pay for?

Is Satan more powerful than Jesus?

What kind of spirit makes Howard-Browne give an public oat to take revenge?

If we turn this statement around, it looks like Howard-Browne did not want the soul of His daughter to return to Heaven.  It looks like this Word of Faith preacher have made“god” of this present word, His master.  A long life in the flesh, is his version of “Christianity”.

Many Charismatic preachers teach that only cursed people leave this planet because of sicknesses at an early age. They link sicknesses directly to demonic influence and control.

If Kelly was cursed, so is her father.

I looks like Howard-Browne’s “Lord Jesus”, lost his daughters soul, and that the devil scored a victory.

To base faith on such theology, is a spiritual disaster. Both for Howard-Browne and all who have accepted the anointing that rest up on him.  It looks like Howard-Browne tried to drive demons out of his own saved daughter, but failed.

Another aspect of the recorded statement of Howard-Browne, is that He did not have enough faith to get his own daughter healed. Nor did his daughter have enough faith to get healed.

We might not get a better proof that the Word of faith movement is representing a false Christianity. They are the promoters of a parallel kingdom, that leads people into deception.  Paul the Jewish apostle warns us about men who will come and promote copy-cats.

 2 Corinthians 11:4
For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the Spirit you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough.

Run away from such people. Do never let them touch you, nor pray for you to accept the spirit they walk in.

Written by Ivar

13 thoughts on “Claim he lost daughter to the devil, vowed revenge

    1. Dear Nyt i Natten


      There are true Christians (also) in the Charismatic camp. They face different challenges, than those who are in the Lutheran camp. While the Charismatic must be careful not to be taken for a ride by deceptive spirits claiming to be the Holy Spirit, evangellical Lutherans struggles to overcome a deception called “liberal theology”. In both camps there are disconnected preachers and pastors, who teach replacement theology.

  1. Amen Ivar. It is a slippery slope, to discern the spirits. And isn’t it the delight of the evil one to make people AFRAID of the true gifts of the spirit, that encourage and build the church? So he brings a spirit of confusion mixing weeds in with the wheat and keeping believers from the power of the Holy Spirit due to fear within their own hearts.

    1. Dear Sue.


      I have also tried to play games with the Holy Spirit. It backfired. I had to admit that I was wrong, and that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth. Before I repented, I was put under discipline. But the Spirit of God never left me. Jesus my Master have promised not to leave me, nor forsake me. No man, no spirit, can snatch me our of his hand.

      The problem with deception, is that a copy-cat Jesus will be presented. The true Jesus will have to say to people who rejected the truth: “I never knew you”.

    2. Dear Sue.


      I have been in the Charismatic movement for some time, and also tried to work in teams with Charismatics who follow Word of Faith theology. It has never worked, and never will. They do not accept basic principles of the teachings of Jesus. Her are some of them.

      1. All authority is with Jesus. Not with pastors.

      2. Pastors are not perfect, Jesus is. All men, also after they have been saved, commit mistakes, and needs to repent.

      3. Satan do not have equal authority with Jesus. When people claim they are under “attacks from Satan”, they are often under the discipline of God for not doing His will.

      4. All who have submitted to Jesus can not be demonized. We can be troubled by unclean spirits, but God the Holy Spirit do not share his Temple with demons. Neither body, soul or spirit.

      5. Most of the problems men encounters, are man made. We blame Satan for the problems we have put on our own head, because of our foolish actions, caused by our free will.

    1. Dear Nyt i Natten.

      Yes, Sola Scripture is an important doctrine that will separate Christians, from all kind of falsehood. Also false Christianity.

      The truth about God is only found in the scriptures. Pay less attention to peoples private opinions and personal experiences. Those who contradict the scriptures, have all fetched their inspiration from the bottomless pit.

  2. I think you are misunderstanding what Rodney meant by what he said. He is saying that sickness took the life of his daughter too soon and that sickness is not from God but from the devil. She was only 18…[I did some more reading and she had cystic fibrosis, so each parent had 1 gene mutation and she inherited both. Obviously their other children don’t’ have CF, so they didn’t inherit 2 bad copies of the gene.]

    How did you get the idea that Rodney didn’t want his daughter’s soul to be in heaven? I think you are reading way too much into this and coming to conclusions that are not there. Certainly you wouldn’t want one of your daughters or sons to die at 18? right? Even though you know they are going to heaven, you want to see your children on earth grow older, graduate from college, get married, have their own children and be blessed with grandchildren? This is not selfishness to want to spend time with your children, see them live and prosper.

    The enemy is not this dummy that a lot of cessationists make him out to be. He does have schemes and he does have some sort of limited power on earth still… Isn’t there a power behind psychics? witchcraft? new age? If the devil has no power, then of what power are those who partake in those religions using? Certainly it can’t be the same as what Rodney is using because he commands demons to leave in Jesus name and they leave. Jesus himself was accuse of this very thing by the Pharisees.

    I don’t even like the Word of Faith movement and think they are really far out there and SOME of their teachings do go too far…Like generational curses and such.

    But…Be careful not to harden your heart against the Spirit of God because He is moving in a way that you have decided He should not. We can read all about hardened hearts in the Gospels…The Jewish people had an idea in their head of what the Messiah was going to be like and He ended up being quite different than they expected. They didn’t understand why he had to die and why he wouldn’t save Himself from the cross. They thought he was going to be a King who brought peace immediately to Israel and rule over the world (not realizing there would be two appearances of the same Messiah). Certainly their King wasn’t going to die on a cross…No way, this can’t be God!! He must be a nutcase!! He has demons!!

    Because they couldn’t understand what God was doing, they rejected Him and still today many Jewish people’s hearts are hardened and continue to reject Him as their Messiah. They even come up with other meanings for obvious Messianic prophecies in the OT because no matter what, they do not want to see “that man Jesus” in them. Well this same idea is very much like what most of the cessationist church does when it comes to scriptures talking about the gifts of the Spirit and healing. I understand your desire to keep the Gospel pure because I have this same desire and have written a lot about abuses with healing ministries, but don’t get overzealous and throw everything out. Jesus is still alive and is still a healer today and even though not all are healed with our prayers, but it does not change the Word of God. Circumstances or the lack of an experience never rise above the Word of God.

    God bless you.

  3. Well this man talking about Rodney Howard brown. And like saying he’s an expert on the Pentecostal churches. And sort of declaring that the old aususus st Pentecostal meetings were a hundred percent demon possessed and worshipping demons. Who the heck does he think he is ???? To me he seems like The Pharisees telling Jesus that He had a demon . He is condemning the whole Pentecostal churches and the whole people in the churches. . A person just carnt preach and believe that all the Pentecostal folk are demon possessed . And be blessed and be right with God. It’s better to leave the judging up to God who know s the hearts of each believer. I would really be fearful to be in his shoes Because. There is some good and some bad in most traditional denominations . ( I’m not talking about the cults . ). And the Pentecostal experiences is very scriptural. The first receiving of the Holy Spirit in the upper room was fire 🔥 wind and tounges on each of them . And so strange they were acting as if they were drunk. Drunk was the word that was used. And he said. No their not all drunk as you suppose . It was too early in the morning . But they were all acting like they were DRUNK 😵. HE HAS SET HIMSELF UP AS A JUDGE AND HE WILL BE JUDGED. HIS COMMENTS HERE ARE FOOLISH . And were an insult as a Christian to read them. And he should be ashamed. To express his mind in condemning many many believers and followers of Jesus.
    Does he know the hearts of the millions of pentostal believers in Jesus ?? Of course not.
    I won’t judge him God will. But I don’t agree with his foolish condemning talk .

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