He is risen: Pope exhumed ahead of his beatification

Pope John Paul II’s coffin was exhumed 29th of April, ahead of his beatification.

The late Pope is lifted out of the grave, to undergo a process of "beautification".

At the end of April, tens of thousands of people began arriving in Rome for one of the biggest events in the Catholic church since his funeral in 2005.

The coffin was removed from the crypts below St Peter’s Basilica while top Vatican officials and some of the late pope’s closest aides looked on and prayed.

Those present at the ceremony included Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, his personal secretary and right-hand man for decades, and the Polish nuns who ran the papal household for 27 years.

The wooden coffin will be placed in front of the main altar of St Peter’s Basilica. After Sunday’s beatification mass it will remain in that spot and the basilica will remain open until all the expected one million visitors who want to view it have done so.

Source: The Daily mail, UK

My comment:

The title above was not mine. I borrowed it from The Daily mail. The picture was perfect, in regards to educational purposes. Just put it into a Biblical context.

It will not come as a surprise, that I claim that Roman Catholic cardinals are grave looters. They simply do not let their Bishops and Noble men rest in peace.

Its rather bizarre, that anyone who have read the Bible, can claim this kind of manifestation by religious people, have anything to do with Christianity.  The Roman Catholic religion is surely unique. Not even the Egyptians removed their dead from the tombs, but was taught that a curse would be placed on a man who did such a wicked thing.

That the Papists needed to use a crane to lift late Pope John Paul II up from the tomb of silence, is surely not the right understanding of the power of the resurrection.

Luke 9:60
Jesus said to him, “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God.”

To lift the dead up from the dead, is not Biblical. Jesus the Messiah said bluntly:  God is not God of the dead, but God of the living.

Matthew 22:32
‘I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob’ ? He is not the God of the dead but of the living.”

Why did the priest and the workers pray, when the Pope was removed from his place of rest?

Maybe, they prayed that the wire would be able to hold the weight of the coffin. If the coffin had fallen down, the bones of the late pope could have been dislocated. That would have been embarrassing. No longer an incorruptible body, but rather a boney mess.

Written by Ivar

7 thoughts on “He is risen: Pope exhumed ahead of his beatification

  1. …….Rip !!! I hear the sound of Scripture being ripped from the Bible….but ..hey as Elijah said…’Cry out louder, maybe your god is asleep’….in this case they have to hold a solemn assembly to pray to Mary to intercede for them as they ‘go about their task of Grave-diggng!” I thought digging up graves was against the law??? maybe only for the ones who care anything about the law of the land or the law of God!..This Catholic religion is getting crazier as the days go by! Question, if the Pope is supposed to be the ‘holy father in earth, and he ‘declaries a dead body ‘a saint’ (use to be they had to be dead from 600 to 900 yrs now it’s any ‘ole time’..) anyway if he declaries them a ‘saint’…Why do they have to ‘go thru the “Beautification” process? Does someone in that faith have a doubt that the ‘dead are not that beautiful anymore once they are dead in their graves? hmmm?? Or maybe ”he stinketh” as the scriptures tells us a body smells after they have been dead a while? Just one more question, Since Jesus rose Lazurus from the grave, he didn’t have to make Lazurus to go thru a ‘Beautification process”..just told the grave clothes to leave him’ ….hmmm another ‘copy-cat’ of the Scriptures…could this be like the 2 Scientist who told God the world didn’t need him anymore..they could create anything he did ..they could even make man…like God…so they bent down and picked up some dirt and God said..”Get your own dirt”..Ha Ha .(smile) This site is getting funnier and so enjoyable daily…Thanks..Don’t ya just love the Scriptures (smile) I sure do!! Please forgive me for such levity, is pure nuts-zoid…(smile)

  2. ….More grave digging….and Blasphemous…UNCLEAN UNCLEAN!!
    Friday, August 19, 2011
    Pope Declares Mary as “The Ark of the Covenant ” and ” The New Eve”

    Catholic Culture.org

    In his midday Angelus address, delivered at the apostolic palace, Pope Benedict noted that the feast of the Assumption has “roots in the faith of the early centuries of the Church … Our forefathers were defeated by the Evil One; in the fullness of time, Jesus, the new Adam, and Mary, the new Eve, defeated the enemy definitively, and this is the joy of this day!”

  3. What does any movement have to do with their sin…less they be a part of this evil deed. Let the dead bury their dead…These people wanted the World to know what they are doing, so they’d be approved by Man in their wicked deeds. I do pray all of them would repent and turn to the Only True God, The Lord Jesus Christ, less they too be reaping the same fruit as was and is saved for the fallen Angels! In one sense this whole end-times is funny if it weren’t so costly to the lives of those who follow blindly into the wide gates of Hell!

  4. Hmmm? Ok, so I just read how Jesus rose Lazarus from the dead & He did NOT enter the tomb to do this but remained outside it (John 11). I have seen & zealously prayed b4 many bones in europe…it is how we were taught…yet now I begin to see how odd it is! And that, is only the tip of the iceberg!!!

    1. Dear Kay.


      Thanks for this comment.

      You made a valid point about Lazarus. He came out of the tomb, ALIVE!!!!

      The Roman Catholics brings the dead back from the dead. Dead man bones are brought into “Churches”, beautified and declared “holy”.

      The is nothing that can be compared to the RCC. The mockery of the truth is so grotesque, that millions take a stand against “Christianity”.

      But people who refuse to read the Bible and obey Jesus, will find no excuse on their final day of Judgment. Many people with multiple good intentions, will not find an exist in Hell. Because there is non.

      Better to run for the exit’s in the RCC today.

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