Catholic terrorist in Madrid wanted to kill for the Pope

A Mexican student wanted to attack anti-Pope demonstrators in Madrid with chemicals.

A follower of the Pope planned to kill anti-Pope protestors in Madrid.

A police official said the suspect arrested in Madrid Tuesday is a 24-year-old Mexican student specializing in organic chemistry.

She would not say whether investigators believe the man was actually capable of carrying out a gas attack, and did not know if he actually had chemicals that could have been used to assault the protesters.

The man had planned to attack anti-Pope protesters with “suffocating gases” and other chemicals, the statement said. But it did not mention police having confiscated chemicals that could be used in an attack.

Mexican Embassy spokesman Bernardo Graue said consular officials had visited Perez Bautista in prison and described him as “relaxed” and in good physical condition as he waits to go before a judge.

The Mexican officials did not ask him if he had in fact planned a gas attack, because interrogating him is up to Spanish authorities, Graue said.

Without knowing what chemicals and delivery system the man may have had, it is impossible to know what harm he could have caused on protesters marching in open air through the streets of Madrid, as will happen Wednesday evening, said Magnus Ranstorp, a terrorism expert at the Swedish National Defence College in Stockholm.

Source: Associated Press

My comment:

The Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik was a Templar Knight.

Norwegian terrorist Breivik honored the Pope in his manifest.

In his manifest, he wrote that He wanted the Norwegians to return to the Roman Catholic Church. Breivik called the Pope the ultimate knight of Christendom.

Read more about the Norwegian terrorist, who wanted Norway to return to the Papacy.

The Mexican student in Madrid seems to be of the same opinion. He was also willing to kill for the “Holy Father”, to bring rebels into full union with Rome.

Written by Ivar

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