Ehud Barak orders IDF investigation into the killing of five Egyptian security guards.

Ehud Barak has ordered an investigation into the death of five Egyptian security guards.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak can not confirm, nor deny that Israeli soldiers were behind the unfortunate death of five Egyptian security guards.

This is what Ynetnews has recorded:

“One of the possibilities being looked into is that the Egyptian forces were killed by explosive devices or shots fired by the terrorists”.

Source: Ynet.

My comment:

Wars always starts after provocations, and claims and counterclaims. Nazi-Germany started World War II, by explaining to the German people that Poland had attacked a German border post.

The massive Islamic terror attack in Eilat was well planned.

It is possible that Egyptian security guards opened fire on Israeli soldiers, who chased Islamic terrorists who re-entered Egypt in a bid to escape.

But the IDF would have known by now, if any of their soldiers returned such fire.

Is is also more than possible, that the Islamic terrorists executed the Egyptian security guards, in a bid to get the Egyptian society to blame Israel. Hamas is known for killing even their own children, to launch claims that Israelis killed them.

Just ask your self one question:

What would Israel gain from killing Egyptian soldiers, and jeopardize the fragile peace treaty with Egypt?

Hamas had everything to gain from an rise in the Egyptian hostility towards Israel.

Only one thing is for sure. Whatever the IDF investigation will claim, the Muslim World will never blame Hamas for anything.  It is always the “Zionists” who are the evil that must be removed from the Middle East.

Written by Ivar