UN Security Council not able to condemn terror attack in Israel.

Islamic terrorist Hasan Nasrallah now control Lebanon, and can harm Israel from all sides.

“Once again the UN turns blind and mute when it comes to terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians,” ambassador Shamir told Haaretz,

On Friday, the council members held an unofficial discussion in which Lebanon, a non-permanent member of the council demanded amendments be made to the presidential statement suggested by the U.S. Lebanon asked that the statement include criticism of what Lebanon dubbed “the escalation in Israeli bombardment of Gaza.”

The issuing of a UN Security Council presidential statement requires the unanimous consent of all 15 council members.

Source: Israeli Daily Haaretz

My comment:

The latest massive Islamic terrorist attack inside Israel, was hardly covered by the International media. Only when the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) hit back at the terrorists, at their bases in Gaza, the media woke up. Now the headlines were: “Israel takes revenge inside Gaza”.

When the Islamic terrorist organization Hezb”Allah took control of the Prime Ministers office in Beirut, the Jihad movement won an important victory. For the first time in modern times, Islamic terrorists could enter as members of the  UN Security Council.

Yesterday, Hizb’Allah did as expected. They did not approve of the UN condemning terror against Jews.

When the Muslim Brotherhood takes over Egypt after “democratic elections”, another terrorist group will take office.  After Cairo falls into the hands of the Islamic Jihad movement, Tripoli is next.

The Libyan crusade for “allah” is unique. The Jihadist’s are backed by NATO.

Soon they will all unite, and agree that “Zionism” is the problem, that blocks “World peace”. Pushed by a global alliance of wickedness, Israel do simply not have enough fear of God. The Jewish nation will abandon their Bibles, and put their trust in men.

The World arena is now set for the One World Government to be formed. The Jewish people will do anything possible to get peace. Even welcome a false Messiah to enter Jerusalem.

Written by Ivar