The US has recorded 113.000 hate crimes since 1991. 20.000 of them by “religious people”, and 10.000 against gays.

The pastor next boor, might be the next person to be arrested by the FBI. Simply for telling the truth about Heaven and Hell.

Can a Christian commit a hate crime, simply be saying the Bible is the truth?

The American Government says “yes”.

Hate-crime is not limited to those who promote violence.  Those who shall be persecuted for such crimes in the US, only have to say that homosexuality is a sin that is punishable with eternity in Hell.

If the Church had been honest, the pastors would have claimed in public that “gossipers” are going to spend eternity in the same hot place.

So to proclaim hell for all who do not believe and obey Jesus, is in principle a “hate crime”. Those who still proclaim the gospel, that, there are only two exists for Human beings, and Hell a reality, will be branded as hate criminals.

The Federal police in the US (FBI) has already started to collect information, that will be used to detain and persecuting hate criminals.

The DOJ and the FBI have gathered statistics on hate crimes reported to law enforcement since 1992 in accordance with the Hate Crime Statistics Act. The FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division has annually published these statistics as part of its Uniform Crime Reporting program. According to these reports, of the over 113,000 hate crimes since 1991, 55 per cent were motivated by racial bias, 17 per cent by religious bias, 14 per cent sexual orientation bias, 14 per cent ethnicity bias, and 1 per cent disability bias.

Source: Wikipedia

If you want to tell the truth, and be a student of Jesus, you have to be willing to face arrest and persecution in the US.  Soon massive persecution of Christians will take place all over the planet.

If you side with the persecutors, you will loose your soul. You will spend eternity in Hell with them.

 Mark 8:36
What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?

Written by Ivar