US Hate crime bill will force Christians to accept sin

The US has recorded 113.000 hate crimes since 1991. 20.000 of them by “religious people”, and 10.000 against gays.

The pastor next boor, might be the next person to be arrested by the FBI. Simply for telling the truth about Heaven and Hell.

Can a Christian commit a hate crime, simply be saying the Bible is the truth?

The American Government says “yes”.

Hate-crime is not limited to those who promote violence.  Those who shall be persecuted for such crimes in the US, only have to say that homosexuality is a sin that is punishable with eternity in Hell.

If the Church had been honest, the pastors would have claimed in public that “gossipers” are going to spend eternity in the same hot place.

So to proclaim hell for all who do not believe and obey Jesus, is in principle a “hate crime”. Those who still proclaim the gospel, that, there are only two exists for Human beings, and Hell a reality, will be branded as hate criminals.

The Federal police in the US (FBI) has already started to collect information, that will be used to detain and persecuting hate criminals.

The DOJ and the FBI have gathered statistics on hate crimes reported to law enforcement since 1992 in accordance with the Hate Crime Statistics Act. The FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division has annually published these statistics as part of its Uniform Crime Reporting program. According to these reports, of the over 113,000 hate crimes since 1991, 55 per cent were motivated by racial bias, 17 per cent by religious bias, 14 per cent sexual orientation bias, 14 per cent ethnicity bias, and 1 per cent disability bias.

Source: Wikipedia

If you want to tell the truth, and be a student of Jesus, you have to be willing to face arrest and persecution in the US.  Soon massive persecution of Christians will take place all over the planet.

If you side with the persecutors, you will loose your soul. You will spend eternity in Hell with them.

 Mark 8:36
What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?

Written by Ivar

19 thoughts on “US Hate crime bill will force Christians to accept sin

    1. Dear Ariel

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      Zionist Jews will face the same problem. If you clam that Judea and Samaria is Jewish properties, at least that Jews have a right to live there, you are not only branded as idiots and loons. You are branded as “hate criminals” against “Palestinians”, and have committed a crime that must be punished using Sharia Laws.

      1. Dear Ariel Havanah


        The promoters of Sharia Laws, can not say openly that they desire Sharia laws in a nation like the US. They will proclaim “freedom for Muslims”, to “live their own life”. That include to follow “Muslim cultures and traditions”, as a part of a “Multicultural society”. This is only an excuse. If they loved their Muslim culture and traditions so much, there was no need for them to be in the US in the first place. The freedom and democracy in the US must be very painful for every Muslim, who want to have totalitarian rule in his own family, blessed and protected by US law makers.

  1. >>>>>If they loved their Muslim culture and traditions so much, there was no need for them to be in the US in the first place. The freedom and democracy in the US must be very painful for every Muslim, who want to have totalitarian rule in his own family, blessed and protected by US law makers.<<<< YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD…(SMILE) Amen!

    1. what does loving their “Muslim culture and traditions” have to do with wanting to emigrate to America to improve their lives?

      maybe if our Fore Fathers loved their culture and traditions so much…they would have stayed in Europe.

      you stereotypically do not understand all people of Islam. not all Muslims are terrorists. you can’t stand on a soapbox and shout about “freedom and democracy” if you’re going to discriminate and be hateful.

  2. A faith that states we are to love one another, a faith that is built on love and peace is now considered a hate crime?! Well, the bible does say that in the end times everything bad will be good and visa versa. Amazing in itself that this was fortold some 2000 yrs ago!! and that we will be arrested and persecuted also.

    1. Dear Wendy Allan


      You wrote:

      A faith that states we are to love one another, a faith that is built on love and peace is now considered a hate crime?

      My reply:

      I totally agree with you. Our faith does nevertheless have certain limitations. We are not suppose to “make love to one another”. The fatal consequences of adultery and sexual immorality have to be addressed. Men are banned from having sex with men, and women sin when they lust after each other. Sin is punishable, and the wage of sin is death. But the good news is that eternal life is available in Jesus, for all who are willing to repent.

  3. We now life in a world where it’s considered a crime to express a belief that sin even exists. Unless, of course, you’re a non-christian or non-jew or even a non-muslim who just happens to think that certain behaviors are sinful.

    My father wisely said “the most intolerant people are those who demand your tolerance.”

    Since the 1950’s the “homophile” movement in America has been demanding that their sexual proclivities be accepted as normal.They’ve attempted to pull science on their side. They’ve bullied the American Psychiatric Association into meeting their demands and removing homosexuality from the DSM (back in the 70’s). They’ve proven themselves to be the most intolerant when it comes to religionists as well.

    The McIlhenny family found this out first hand:

    “At about the time of the beginning of the service, an usher, stationed himself in the courtyard to assist members in gaining entry to the building. The usher witnessed the destruction of church property and notified an officer who turned away and ignored him. The rioters recognized him as a church member, surrounded him and completely denied him any freedom of movement.

    Pastor Charles and Donna McIlhenny were refused entry by the rioters, and told they could not enter the building. The doors were completely blocked by the rioters. Pastor McIlhenny held on to Donna as they began to make their way through the mob who were shouting and screaming in their ears, “You will not enter this church.” The rioters assaulted them, pushing and shoving them, seeking to keep them from the front door. One of them grabbed Donna’s body, lifting her off the ground, and attempted to pull her back away from the entry. She stretched her arms out for help from a near by police officer who offered no assistance. Her son, seeing she was in trouble, pleaded with the officers to assist her. The officers appeared so overwhelmed by the rioters that they were unable to take control of the situation. Both of her hands were scratched (the skin was broken).

    Finally, the church’s caretaker grabbed her outstretched arms and pulled her through to the door, out of the hands of the rioters. As they made their way past the three police officers at the door, they were pelted by rocks, which also struck the window panes of the entry doors. Several members from Pastor McIlhenny’s church also were accosted and had to flee to a side entrance. There they also found the entry blocked and had to remain outside until the riot police arrived and let them in the building. Pastor McIlhenny’s son, Ryan and his friend were not able to enter the building.

    The rioter removed the Christian flag from the flag pole, and attached the gay flag under the U.S. flag. The church’s caretaker removed both flags, but a rioter grabbed the gay flag and it was again run up the flag pole and the rope knotted out of reach. When the caretaker, again attempted to remove the gay flag, he was assaulted and hit with eggs. Being pushed back he was unable to reach the flag pole, and returned to the entry of the church. Much of the newly planted landscaping around the flag pole was damaged. One cement bench was pushed over into the fountain by rioters. When the police were notified of this they refused to respond. A second bench was dismantled and the seat thrown over into a light well and destroyed by rioters. The rioters guilty of this vandalism described this wanton destruction of church property as “interior decorating.” Paper messages were stuck to the handrails, walls and windows of the building. ”

    The gay movement seems to think their “rights” are more important than the rights of others:

    “A Catholic adoption agency in England is being forced to shut down because it refuses to extend services to homosexuals. Because of their religious convictions and the belief that children need heterosexual parents, the charity only works with normal, married couples.

    Fascist homosexual activists have put the charity in the untenable situation of either providing adoption services or violating their religion. Rather than appreciating the good work the charity does for children, vicious homosexual activists want the charity shut down to make a political point. This same thing has happened to a Catholic adoption agency in Massachusetts.”

    “The Employment Non-Discrimination Act is one of the most dangerous bills facing American Christians today. If passed, because of its vague language, the bill would force Christian ministries to hire homosexuals who live in direct opposition to biblical values and opens the door for cross-dressing teachers in the classroom. Public and non-religious charter schools would have no authority in deciding whether or not to allow transgenders to teach in their classrooms, even if parents object.

    According to Lesbian Chai Feldblum, the bill’s author, it is simply a matter of, “Gays win; Christians lose.” And the wheels have already been set in motion. Homosexual Congressman Barney Frank promised homosexual activists that the House Education and Labor Committee would vote on the bill by this week. “

  4. True, the ones who shout ‘tolerance’…are usually the ones who are the most ‘intolerant’…it’s turned into such an ugly longer are the dirty laundry kept inside….now it’s brought out in the open and blantantly forced upon all mankind to accept and deal with. When I was little people told us about Russians, having more than one family in houses…that’s one thing that has not been made a Law in America…”yet” As for Preachers accepting any homosexuals/lesbians on a payroll in the Church …I’d close the Church before I’d let it be blasphemed, but many Church leaders will bow the knee to Baal and to Pharaoh!

    1. Dear Andrea


      We who warn against the evil ideology of Islam, have the right to say: “We must be intolerant to the intolerant”. If not, we will loose our freedom.

      In regards to Islam, the logic is fully understandable, for all who are not blind or ignorant, or simply do delight in evil:

      There is no freedom in any nation, where Muslims are in majority. Is you want to loose your freedom, just accept them in the name of tolerance.

      Is violence the answer, the very way to stop intolerance?

      Love is the answer. And Jesus is agape, the only way for all who wants to escape the evil of the World.

      But if a rapist tries to rape your daughter just in front of your eyes, I would like to see a follower of Jesus sitting idle, not using force to stop the criminal. I guess we are slow to anger, but can get angry?

      The solution is to pray that Jesus will keep your daughter safe, and teach her to obey Him. He is the best protection she can ever get.

  5. Well Jesus did say ‘Be ye angry but sin not’….so I reckon we all can get angry….it’s what we do with that anger…best be listening to The Holy Spirit ‘and obeying Him’…or it will be too easy to allow that anger to rule us…Oh Praise and Thank you Jesus for such a wonderful Gift!

  6. these things are happening so that GOD’ will be revealed to the godly and the ungodly. Stay in christ he is our fortress and our foundation.

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