Utøya-terrorist got inspiration from Norwegian tabloid

Terrorists gets inspiration from the Norwegian Daily Dagbladet.

Almost a copy-cat of Brevik is displayed on Dagbladets promotion pages for viritual mass murders. Brevik was dressed up as a police at Utøya.
Video game killler and Templar Knight Brevik ready for action.

The tabloid Dagbladet, is the newspaper in Norway who do the “best” marketing of the most cruel and violent video games.

Everyone who reads Dagbladet online, can not have missed articles where mass murders are presented as good gaming entertainment.

This is the link for the journalists verdict, of which of the demonic and violent video games, they feel are the best.

Source: Dagbladet.

Utøya-terrorist Anders Behring Breivik was an active gamer. He have explained that he enjoyed games like
World of Warcrafts, «Call of Duty» and Modern Warfare.

The International expert on terrorism, Pat Brown is quoted with the following comment in the business newspaper Dagens Nœringsliv:

“They love fantasies about war, very intelligent, psychopathic and extremely disciplined, explains Brown.

Source: Dn.no

My comment:

Norwegian Christians can silently build up their own children to become violent criminals. They accept that their children sits for hours and play violent video games.

We who love Jesus, knows that the Master do not permit violence. Jesus never used violence. When Peter lifted his sword and cut of an ear of a roman soldier, Jesus rebuked Peter. The Messiah healed the soldiers ear, ad an effective display of love.

Jesus ordered all who want to follow Him, to love their enemies, and to bless those who harm us.

 Matthew 5:44
But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

The teaching of Jesus is a sharp contrast to what terrorist Anders Behring Breivik believes is right.  The tragic fact is that the editor and journalists in Dagbladet er in agreement, that virtual mass murders is acceptable, and can be promoted. Brevik just took an extra step, and took his killer skills with him into the public realm.

Written by Ivar

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