Hamas turns Gaza into statehood demanding Visa

Foreigners who enters Gaza will now have to apply to Hamas for Visa. Last year USAID spend 98 million dollar inside the terrorist state.

Hamas spokesman Ibrahim has turned him self into a statesman supported with US Aid.

On Saturday, Hamas spokesman Ihab al-Ghussein said foreigners must obtain visas to enter Gaza. Ghussein said the Hamas government must know who is staying in Gaza in order to protect foreigners.

If implemented, the visa demand could complicate the work of international aid groups in Gaza.

U.S. official give aid to some 600,000 Gazans – about a third of the population of the coastal enclave.  These people are receiving USD 98 million worth of assistance from USAID projects in health, education, construction and infrastructure.

The U.S. has designated Hamas as a terrorist group and it is shunned by the West for spurning permanent coexistence with Israel. The group seized control of the Gaza Strip from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction in 2007.

Source: Israeli daily Haaretz.

My comment:

The US-Hamas relationship is full of hypocrisy.

Washington has declared Hamas as a terrorist organization. The logical conclusion after the brutal terrorist cue in Gaza in 2007, is that the US would withdraw all kind of support and aid, till Hamas is removed from power.

Hamas is smart. They brutalize and punish its own population, and put the blame on Israel.

Next:  Islamic NGO’s, United nations and International media cry fool, and blame Israel for creating a “humanitarian crisis in Gaza”.

All nations copy the lies, and put pressure on Israel to bring beef and sofas into Gaza, so that the Hamas control of the strip is secure. Israel have its own interest in “suppling” Hamas. As long as the brutal, oppressive Islamic gang on criminals are ruing in Gaza, a two-state-solution is a fiction.

When Hamas no enforced VISA-restrictions in Gaza, Washington have a problem. How can US officials obey statehood tools of a Hamas-government they do not recognize?

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Hamas turns Gaza into statehood demanding Visa

  1. hope this Foreigners who enters Gaza will now have to apply to Hamas for Visa and make some time Last year USAID will spend 98 million dollar inside the terrorist state…………………………………………

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