VG demands Facebook profiles to permit debate

If you want to participate in debate on, you must have a Facebook profile.

VG's editor Torry Pedersen demands that your personal information must become globally accessible, if you want to use your freedom of expression.

As the first Norwegian newspaper, VG bans non-Faceboker’s from taking part in online debate.

“We are aware that it is problematic to restrict logging on to Vg’s debate forum through Facebook. Because not all Norwegians are on Facebook“, explains deputy editor René Svendsen.

“But there are 2,5 million Norwegian profiles on Facebook. So there is not a limited Norwegians who can get access”, claims Svendsen. He is aware that it is possible to register false profiles, also on Facebook. This possibility does not stop VG from excluding non-facebooker’s.

Source: Norwegian Christian Weekly, Norge i Dag

My comment:

Some Internet experts claims Facebook is the best spy software that has ever been invented.

Now, to be permitted to take part in free public debate on the chat forum in the largest newspaper in Norway, everyone will get access to your private data.

With the face recognition tool on Facebook, your looks will also become available to the whole world. If you are a critics of Hamas, the Islamic terrorist organizations will immediately come to know whatever they need to know about your life.

No longer is your name recognized as an sufficient ID. Soon you will only be recognized by your digital number. Everything about you can be traced, also you exact location.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “VG demands Facebook profiles to permit debate

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  1. Shalom Ivar,

    You are so right. I always hated facebook because I saw something very sinister hidden in there. It was as if the devil himself was in facebook. Many of my friends around the world urged me to open a facebook account so that they could send me their family pictures and I could do the same – but I saw a lot of exposure of personal details, it’s like giving yourself, your family and friends away for free.

    I thank Yeshua for His Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding and Discernment without which I could have been a target among one of the millions++ – In these times we’ve got to be extremely careful and remain under the guidance and protection of our Almighty G-d.


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