TV-helicopter reached Templar Knight before the police

Anders Behring Breivik saw a TV-helicopter over his head, and thought he would be shot. He claim he called the police several times to surrender, but got no proper response.

The TV-Helicopter has recorded the arrival of the Delta Force on Utøya.

The latest claims from Breiviks defense lawyer Geir Lippestad changes the whole story, about the possible nexus between the police and the terrorist.

Lippestad has demanded to get a copy of the digital phone logg of the police, to get a confirmation of the latest claims from the Templar Knight.

That there was a NRK TV-helicopter over Utøya before the arrival of the Delta Force, has been confirmed by bystanders. The above picture tell the story. The media better equipped than the police.

“I think Breivik had only one motive from his claimed multiple calls to the police. That was to surrender without being shoot”, explain Lippestad.

The police has only confirmed that they received one call from Breivik.

“We can not confirm the amount of calls we might have received”, explains the police Media spokesman Roar Hansen.

Source: Aftenposten

My comment:

We must not rule out, that Brevik is bluffing.  We must also ask our selves, why Breivik now changes his story. So fare, his explanations fits the police records.

If Breivik gave multiple calls to the police in a bid to surrender, it radically changes the realities on the ground.

There was already police officers on the land side of the island, 700 meters from the crime site. If there has been a police helicopter over Utøya, the surrender and arrest would have been a well filmed event, and could have taken place immediately

When did the NRK TV-helicopter reach Utøya?

That is probably the moment, when the Templar Knight thought the police had arrived, and called the police to surrender.

If I was Breivik, and saw a helicopter over my head, I would have expected a sniper bullet in the very next second.

Breivik might have been puzzled with why it took the police so long time to arrive.

When the Police did not arrive, nor responded to his calls to surrender, Breivik continued to execute people.

Just like in a video game.

He was not down and out, and just continued to “play”.

The problem for the police, is that during the hour of horror, they might have received hundreds of distress calls from the youth, and their relatives. To sort out messages from Breivik, would not be easy to do, during the massacre.

If the latest claim from Breivik can be proven, the rescue operation at Utøya happened by default, rather than by a proper plan. The Norwegian police has been exposed as completely unprepared and incompetent.

Their resources have been crippled by neglecting globalist politicians. It reminds me about the Government of Nygaardsvold that from 1935, made Norway an easy target for “a take over”.

Norway had been made wide open for any terrorist who desired to attack us. Either a Islamic terrorist, or anyone else.

Why are the incompetent police force in Norway, permitted to investigate them selves?

When will we see the suspension of the Police commanders?

What about the Minister of Justice taking the blame, for making the police force unable to handle a terrorist attack, and reducing the Police organization to the level of complete incompetence?

Written by Ivar

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