The Police were ordered not to help civilian’s at Utøya

Some police commanders in Norway did not permit police officers to help civilian voluntaries who rescued hundreds of AUF youth.

Templar Knight Breivik dressed as a police officer. This picture is taken from the TV Helicopter.

The green light were given only after Breivik’s “mission completed”. The excuse: “It was simply to dangerous for the police to operate”.

Dozen of civilian’s rescued around 300 youth that swam from Utøya to escape the Templar Knight, who started His slaughter “mission” at 5.07 PM on 22nd of July.

The police who arrived at the crime site, were not permitted to help before 6.50 PM.

That green light were not given before after Templar Knight Breivik was captured. The Templar Knight called the police at 6.26 PM. This was his message:   

 «Breivik. Commander. Organized in the anti-Communistic resistance force against Islamisation. Mission completed. Will surrender to Delta”.

The logg of the police expose a grim and horrible truth. First 24 minutes after Andres Breivik had called the police and said “mission completed”, and the terrorist had surrendered, the police at the crime scene were given the green light to help the voluntaries.

Did the police commanders, wait for the green light from Breivik?

That is really amazing: Who can believe, that no one within the police force helped Breivik to complete his mission.  Could he really have planned this so perfectly, alone?

Was Breivik briefed in advance about how the Delta Force in Norway works, and how police officers would act if there was a terrorist strike in Oslo?

The first ambulances had arrived at the harbor side of Utøya at 5.33 Pm.

First after one hour of merciless killings of the youth, the police gave the governmental rescue teams permission to join the civilian voluntaries down at the waters, to try to save the life of the wounded.

During that hour, dozen of civilian voluntaries had rescued hundreds of youth, risking their own life.

The Police was ordered by their commanders to stay put, and wait for permission to act.


My comment:

Yesterday, I wrote about the two helicopters, the police “managed” to keep on the ground.

After reading the latest facts: Can you still think of a better planned miss managed rescue operation?

Credit to the editor of Aftenposten, who has started to smell the fish inside the police force in Oslo.

The police commanders handling of the “rescue operation” at Utøya, is at best a complete disgrace.

That the Norwegian people are in shock, is fully understandable. That they do not demand the suspension of the National police leadership, is no longer excusable.

The Director General of Police in Norway, is him self a former under secretary of state, in the Ministry of Justice.  He worked under a lady Minister of Justice. Even before she become the political head of the police force, she wrote several novels on crime, conspiracy’s and betrayal.

Who is going to take responsibility for this indeed, very well planned massacre?

Who are the people who will benefit from this massacre in Norway?

The fruits of this massacre is a demand for religious syncretism and global solutions. Those who promote such falsehood in Norway, will have their way.

Written by Ivar

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