The video game killers return to their electronic shops

It is amazing to see the video game killers in the UK, returning to the game shops. This time for a free treat.

Rioters in Liverpool comes in all kinds of colors. Their motive seems to be getting a chance to get free food inside their demonic video games stores.

The right to kill on video games, is widely accepted in the Western Post-Christian society.

Since the electronics, the Sony PS3 equipment is rather expensive, the natural trained killers in the UK use the anarchy to enter the shops to get more ammunition. Many take some extra’s with them, since all kinds of shops are “open” at an odd time of the night.

They loot to get more killer instructions. When the police reports to the crime site, the majority of the gamers quickly return home to their living room, From there they will kill more people using their video games.

Soon they, will return to the streets. This time their video-games will be played in the street. The trigger can be a flash mob, or a call from an unknown person who has started a Facebook group.

Back in the shop in Liverpool, they get free play stations and more video-games.

Jesus warned us.

Just before his return, there will be distress and horror on Earth, not equal to anything that has taken place before.

Since we have experienced a lot of horror in the past 00 years, we can be sure.  This time no city or village will escape the horror.

 Mark 13:19
because those will be days of distress unequaled from the beginning, when God created the world, until now—and never to be equaled again.

This time, the video games will become reality. Merciless killings everywhere.

Written by Ivar

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