Pastor Andrew White in St. George Church in Bagdad promotes the One World Religion.

God Tv in Bagdad to praise an Anglican Priest who works for a Global Universal brotherhood.

Plenty of the Charismatics will end up in the One World Religion. will lead the flock into the universal unity and “peace deal”.

Yesterday, I saw founder Rory Alec promoting Pastor Andrew White in St. George Church is Bagdad. Anglican pastor White is a spokesman for the emerging One World religion, and one of the promotor of  “The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East”.

Source: Homepage of FRRME

This inter faith organization is a supporter of the Alexandria Declaration of 2002.

This is what the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Israel writes about this declaration:

 When Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders gathered for such a meeting in 2002, they signed the historic Alexandria Declaration. The declaration was an attempt to engage the religious leadership of Israel and Palestine, and was one of the first initiatives to unite the three faith groups in pursuit of peace in the region.

In the name of God who is Almighty, Merciful and Compassionate, we, who have gathered as religious leaders from the Muslim, Christian and Jewish communities, pray for true peace in Jerusalem and the Holy Land, and declare our commitment to ending the violence and bloodshed that denies the right of life and dignity.

3. We call on the political leaders of both peoples to work for a just, secure and durable solution in the spirit of the words of the Almighty and the Prophets.

7. We announce the establishment of a permanent joint committee to carry out the recommendations of this declaration, and to engage with our respective political leadership accordingly.

The First Alexandria Declaration of the Religious Leaders of the Holy Land
21 Jan 2002

(end of declaration)

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Israel.

A bullet proof west and a huge iron cross those not make vicar Andrew White a follower of Jesus. is a promotor of “god”. A lot of prayer are offered to “god”, and in the end of petitions and prayers, the teachers might say: “In the same of Jesus, Amen”

Recently, the name of “Jesus” has also disappeared from the signature of the prayers of Charismatics. Now, there is a lot of talk about “The Father”, “Lord” and “god”.

As we approach the end of the age, the Charismatics will claim we are approaching “a new season”,  when unity is required. Some pastors will present “super revelations” about the sudden coming of the Lord, and that world dominion is the fruits of the age, so “love and peace” can flow in our midst.

Link to the Bagdad Video.

As the editor of the Charismatic Magazine “Charisma” concluded after the Lakeland disaster: Many Charismatic Christian leaders are blotted for discernment, do promote super revelations, and will welcome and worship the last and final anti-Christ.

His prophecy will most likely come a grim reality. The spirit of anti-Christ is already worshiped and presented “as the Holy Spirit” in many congregations of all kind of flavor’s and denominations.

Written by Ivar