A US gunman shot dead seven people and wounded two others before being killed in a shootout with police.

Youth in Ohio mourn just another Ameircan mass murder.

The rampage – apparently rooted in a domestic dispute – left bodies strewn across an otherwise quiet neighbourhood in Copley Township, Ohio, yesterday morning.

Gilbert Elie came outside at the sound of the shots and moaning to discover the bloodied bodies of two of his neighbours – Russell and Gudrun Johnson – lying in their driveway.

He went to check on them and saw a woman lying over a teenaged girl – as if to protect her – inside a black minivan. They both looked dead and Mr Elie called to his wife to call the police.

Source: News.com

My comment:

After the horrible massacre in Norway, another mass murder in the US seems to be treated as a minor event, hardly reaching the headlines.

Seven dead by a lone gunman in Ohio, will not make it to the top 10 of American massacres. Neither will it reach it to the top of the “Nine o clock news”.

There are two many great events taking place. Like the political default cue in Washington, that has brought the US on the bring of bankruptcy. The spread of the riots in London, also needs our attention.

Not to forget. Almost every day there is a “Norwegian size massacre” taking place inside the great Islamic republic of Syria.

Paul the Jewish Apostles warned us of terrible times at the end of the age.

Now, we are almost there. Fast, very fast.

Written by Ivar