Terror expert: Templar Knight believed he had support from within

Helge Lurås do not rule out that Brevik felt he had supporers from within the Norwegian government.

Norwegian terror expert bid to make sense of Breiviks call to the police during the massacre.

He is a scientist in terror, and works as an terror expert at Norwegian center for Political science (NUPI).

This is what Lurås has said to the Norwegian press, as a respons that Breivik called the police during the massacre, and reported “Mission completed”.

“I can see two options. This might be a planned statement, to create a aura of mysticism around him self, to get publicity in the media. Or He really believed that he had supporters within the Norwegian government, who are a part of the Templar Knight movement. I guess this is a calculated game from his side, but it is possible I overestimate him”, explains Lurås.

Source: Norwegian tabloid VG

My comment:

I do not know, if anyone is able to understand the mind of Breivik.

After he has run around on an island, shoot more than 150 people, killed around half of them, He takes a short brake. He pics up his mobile phone, and calls the police.

He addresses him self by name, and claim to be a commander. His message “Mission completed” points to the facts that he was on a mission, and that he felt the task set before him was completed.

If this man Breivik was alone, to whom was his message meant for?

if He was not alone, this message will eventually might start to make sense to some of us. Breivik might have felt there are a lot of Templar Knights in Norway who are called to do as he did, and might honor him in secret societies.

To start a war without co-soldiers, seems to be an unlikely thing to do by someone who has planned the attacks in Utøya for several years.

Written by Ivar

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