Gahr Støre promoted global governance and Palestinian state

A day before the Massacre at Utøya, The Foreign Minister of Norway came and promoted globalism and a Palestinian state.

NRK's anti-Israel correspondent in the Middle East, Sidsel World, next to Jonas Garh Støre at Utøya the day before the massacre.

It is important not to criminalize political opinions. Neither the opinions of Foreign Minister of Norway, Jonas Gahr Støre and others.  But it is also important to make the people aware of what kind of political ideas that were promoted on Utøya, in the days before the tragic massacre of the Socialist youth.

This was the message from Jonas Gahr Støre, less than 36 hours before the attack:

In regards to international politics, the Progressive party of Norway (Fr.P) is our political opponents. This party will reduce the powers, that builds international institutions that can solve international challenges, a move that will reduce the influence of Norway on the international arena.

 “Fr.P wants to weaken the United Nations as a global player. Their leader Siv Jensen has proclaimed, that the UN is a treat to World peace. Only the Fr.P voted against a Parliament committee for Finances resolution, that acknowledge the UN’s central role as an arena for global affairs, and the UN as the leader of a new global order”

Jonas Gahr Støre also promoted the formation of a new Jew-free Palestinian state. Next to Gahr Støre on the political panel at Utøya, was the anti-Israel NRK correspondent in the Middle East, Sidsel World.

Jonas Gahr Støre and AUF-leader Eskild Pedersen promoted a boycott of Israel, to force the Jews to accept an anti-Jewish statehood around Jerualem.

This is what Garh Støre told the AUF about the situation in the Middle East.    

 “The Fr.P undermines a two-state-solution between Israel and the Palestinians. As the leader of the sponsor group, Norway is leading the effort to build what must become a Palestinian state. The Fr.P undermines this two-state solution”.

Source: Official site of the Labor party of Norway

My comment:

Norway must continue to be a free and democratic nation, where men like Jonas Gahr Støre can express his political viewpoints.

In a free and democratic society, people must also be permitted to promote boycotts against Israel.

Norway must likewise permit people to say, that Gahr Støre is wrong, and that his political viewpoints are harmful for Norway.

In special: The harmful Norwegian attitudes and politics towards the only Jewish state on Earth.

The majority of the members in the United Nation (UN) are lead by horrible gangsters and dictators, who have no regards for freedom and democracy.

The UN is notorious in its antisemitic attacks on Israel, the only free and democratic state in the Middle East.

Why do Jonas Gahr Støre put his trust in the UN, and not in the Norwegian constitution and the parlamentarian form of democracy?

Why do Gahr Støre feel that Norway will be protected by the leaders on top of a “a new global world order” ?

The “Palestine” Gahr Støre promoted at the Summer camp at Utøya, will become a new Islamic dictator state. A  Jew-free zone, as free from Jews as Nazi-Germany was during the 1940-ties.

Is there still anybody in Norway, who are concerned about the ideology and ideas promoted by men like Jonas Gahr Støre?

The Bible explains that there are blessings and curses that will come our way, and that our attitudes and actions against the Jewish nation can trigger both.

 Genesis 12:3
I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

Norway must stop curing Israel. Than the blessings will return to this nation. As a Christian nation, Norway has been blessed since the Reformation, by the Messiah Jesus of Nazareth.

The Norwegian must repent, and stand up for the rights of the Jewish people in their struggle against Islamic nations that harms them.

Written by Ivar

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