Norway: Advocate confirms Templar Knight called the police

The neo-Nazi who attacked the Socialist youth called the police during the massacre.

Police Advocate persecutor Christian Hatlo confirms that the Templar Knight called the police from Utøya.

A rather bizarre detail from the Norway massacre has been confirmed.  The police advocate persecutor of Oslo Mr. Christian Hatlo, confirms that Breivik most likely called the police during the massacre.

 “We have received a log, that shall be inclusive of a call from the man charged for the crime. I can not confirm that this is Breivik, nor the content of the log. This log includes voice messages”,  Hatlo told during a press briefing.


The Regional Norwegian daily BT, has published the following recordings of Breiviks mobile phone message to the police:

«Breivik. Commander. Organized in the anti-Communistic resistance force against Islamisation.  Mission completed. Will surrender to Delta”. 

Breivik called the police at 18.26, from Utøya, 22nd of juli.

My comment:

Yesterday, I was open for Breivik bluffing about the call to the police.

I asked: But why should he bluff?

He did not bluff.

He called the police, and claim he said: “mission completed”.

A strange thing to do, if He did not know anyone inside the police force. And surely a signal, that the police would be welcomed to Utøya, and that Breivik would surrender without a fight.

There are plenty of Templar Knights within the Norwegian police force who knew who Breivik was.

Who are they?

What did they know?

Give us the name of the police officer who took the decision, that there should be no police guard on Utøya, just after a former Prime Minister of Norway left the island.

Former PM Gro Harlem Brundtland is also a former head of the WHO.

Give us the name of the Police officer, who decided that there should be no police officers on the island, armed or not armed, the day before the present Prime Minister was going to hold his speech there. 

Was Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Garh Støre involved in any of these fatal decisions?

Did any police officer brief Templar Knight Breivik about the security details on Utøya?

Will we ever come to know the truth?

Written by Ivar

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