Norwegian Templar Knight claim he called the police during the massacre

Templar Knight Anders Behring Breivik claim he called the police during the massacre on Utøya.

Dozen of high ranked Norwegian police officers are part of the same Templar Knight movement as Breivik.

The Norwegian conservative daily Aftenposten reports that the Templar Knight Anders Behring Breivik informed the police that He was doing the massacre on Utøya in Norway.

Breivik claimed he called the police and called him self a brigader. He also claims the told the police “mission completed”

“Breivik has explained this during the investigation, but I am not aware on this content”, explains Breivik’s defense lawyer Geir Lippestad.

Source: Aftenposten

My comment:

Breivik could be bluffing, but why should he?

The Norwegians basically do not have enough contact with the grim reality, to even imagine that member of their own elite motivated Breivik to start a war, to bring Norway back under the Pope in Rome. Only out of chaos and fear, comes the ongoing submission to globalism and the Pope’s authority.

Since Breivik was a Templar Knight in the Freemason secret society during the event of the massacre, it is not to difficult to imagine that he called a Templar Knight friend within the police force, to express how exited he was.

Breivik called a Templar within the Police, a man who also had experienced receiving orders and tasks from the secret brotherhood. A simple message was given: ” Mission completed”.

To be able to reach a higher level within the Templar Knight movement, Breivik had to be trained to receive orders without asking questions. To be able to reach a higher grade, He had to accomplish tasks given from a hidden authority. Only when a Templar Knight reach a higher level, He him self will be enlightened to who he is in the lower chain of commands. As he reach higher levels, he will be authorized to give orders and distribute tasks him self.

If the Police in Norway is not totally at the mercy of the Templar Knights within the police force, we will come to know the truth. Some high ranked police officers already have the transcript of the mobile phone of Breivik. Whom He called is simple digital knowledge.

But since the Media in Norway is mostly in nexus with the police and top politicians, we will most likely see International media demanding an answer to this tricky question:

– Who were the supporters and mentors of Breivik, within the Norwegian police force?

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Norwegian Templar Knight claim he called the police during the massacre

    1. Dear John Tidemann.

      Shalom, and thanks for this comment.

      I am open for the possibility that Brevik is bluffing. But many Europeans also believed he was bluffing, when they considered the messages from Adolf Hitler prior to World War II. Even the Americans did not believe the messages from Osama Bin Laden, prior to September 11 2011. Afterwards: They did.

      An American terrorist investigator, and intelligence analyst, said it correctly:

      We simply did not not have enough fantasy, not even close to understand what these guys were planning.

      Many Christians seems to have difficulties, to accept that the reformers of the Church, belled the anti-Christ. Neither do many Christians have fantasy enough, to figure out that the last anti-Christ is about to enter the World stages. There will only be two flocks at the end of this age. Those who worship the last anti-Christ, and we who are persecuted for not being willing to obey him and his followers.

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