Norway: Mayor honored football fans using skulls and songs full of filth and hate

Just after mayor of Oslo had honored the sports club Vålerenga for their work for multiculturism, their fan club sung perverted songs full of hate and filth.

Conservative Mayor Fabian Stang honored filthy hooligans, who sing the most perverted hate songs you can ever imagine.

Last week my son took me to a football match in Oslo. I have not been on such a sports arena for more than 10 years. It was a special day at the National stadium of Ulevaal in Oslo, because of the massacre of youth in Norway, less than a week earlier. The mayor of Oslo was supposed to hold a memorial speech before the match.

Mayor Fabian Stang took the opportunity to honor the sports club “Vålerenga” for their work towards more tolerance and multiculturalism in Norway.

There was one minutes silence for the victims of the horrible crimes committed by the Templar Knight.  Than the fan club of Valerenga started to sing the most intollerent, perverse songs full of hate messages you can hardly imagine.

A banner used by the the "tolerant" fan club of Vålerenga in Oslo.
A banner on Ullevaal station in Oslo, exposing a football beast having sex with an animal. The text is" A time for emotional closeness"
A grave, a Christians cross and a skull. What is the difference between the fans of Vålerenga, the Freemasons in Oslo and the Neo-Nazi Breivik?

I asked my self:

Do the mayor really believe in the message he just gave the audience?

Or is He so dumb or deaf, that He can not understand the songs the supporter club are singing?

I realized, that never before have there been a greater difference between the political rhetoric and the realities on the ground in Oslo.

What kind of songs are the fan club of Vålerenga singing?

They honor incest, sex with animals, killings and hate towards others. They sing under a banner of a skull. They use the same grotesque language that the Neo-nazi might have used on Utøya. They also use the same symbols, like the skull.

But who cares?

Where is the moral police of Norway?

What do they teach in school?

What are the lessons all about, those who replaced Christianity?

Will the leader of this fan club ever be arrested, for motivating the youth do become perverse killers?

If you want to study the songs of this fan club, feel free to use this link.

The logic is that the post-Christian nation of Norway, do not want to have any moral compass in their life. Few if anyone will be alarmed by this article.

  Habakkuk 1:4
Therefore the law is paralyzed, and justice never prevails. The wicked hem in the righteous, so that justice is perverted.

Norwegians search for answers at the wrong places. If they want to know why their own youth are massacred, they have to look into their own living room. There, their own sons massacres a hundred people or so almost every day, playing satanic inspired video games.

Or young Norwegians can get the basic motivation for doing a horrible crime, just by attending a football match.

Written by Ivar.

5 thoughts on “Norway: Mayor honored football fans using skulls and songs full of filth and hate

  1. This is sickening! Norway has sunk into a moral cesspool!

    Are there any born again ones left there?

    There should be outrage against this!

    Please! Norway! Wake up! Jesus is your only hope! Repent
    and believe!!!!

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