Norwegians ready for a Gestapo style police

Half of Norwegians will accept that the Police can arrest people on the street, and “keep them” without presenting them before a judge.

The Bomb attack in Oslo makes Norwegian desire disolvment of freedom, and establishment of a new police state.

The poll scientists in Norway were surprised that the Norwegian people are ready to give up their legal rights towards the police, if there is a terror threat towards the nation.

The study was conducted back in 2006, and tested the waters after the September 11 2001 attack in the US, the London bombing and Madrid terrostist attack in 2004. A total of 1332 persons gave feedback to the scientists form  Norsk samfunnsvitenskapelig datatjeneste (NSD).

The amount of Norwegians who are ready to give the police power to held people for an unlimited amount of days, are probably much higher today, after the Massacre on Utøya. We are surprised over so many Norwegians being willing to terminate their own legal rights, explains professor Anne Lise Fimreite and scientist Lise H. Rykkja.

To give the Norwegian police such authority has never been tested in Norway during peace time in Europe.

“This kind of attitude in the Norwegian population is a challenge to the constitution. It will set a side one of our most important principle in our legal system, that pronounces a man innocent till he is proven guilty, explains the scientists.

Source: Norwegian regional daily BT

My comment:

The Norwegian population seems to have absolutely no interest in ideology, and principal thinking.

Today, they are mostly occupied with their materialistic processions, and voices their right to reject any moral compass.

The great irony of European history, is that the Germans voted to end their life in freedom, and hand all powers over to the Nazi-leader Adolf Hitler.

The Norwegians are willing to copy that act.  They do not mind living in a totalitarian society, where a Gestapo kind of police force can round up people, and keep them behind bars as long as the authorities desire.

 John 3:19
This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.

When people disappear, you can be sure that one who really cares.  As long as they them selves are “safe”. This kind of environment is the perfect arena for all who will welcome the last anti-Christ.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “Norwegians ready for a Gestapo style police

  1. Given the obvious love the Norwegian people have for national socialism and islamic terrorism……I should come as no surprise that they fear not one of the most violent and murderous arms of the Hitler dictatorship…..the Gestapo….

    My , my , my…….the world is becoming a very interesting place to live these days….

    I wonder when we will be making out South American style lists of the “disappeared” in Europe……

    Regards, Don Laird

  2. As long as they them selves are “safe”. This kind of environment is the perfect arena for all who will welcome the last anti-Christ.
    Written by Ivar
    ……………That’ is the very mind-set i see and hear today ..As long as they them selves are “safe”….don’t rock their boat long as they have what they want, in materialistic things, they see no warning or care of the days to come…God is a loving God and he understands people are “only human” …the Police will only arrest the bad-guys …they are lulled to sleep the same way world wide Saint & sinner alike!

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