Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre gave Lutheran Bishop an ikon of Saint Stephan of Dekani in Kosovo.

Boishop Tor Singsaas receives an ikon from Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.

The Socialist Foreign Minister of Norway, gave the Bishop and ikon during the opening of “Saint Olavs feast” in the city of Trondheim.

The ikon displayed “Saint Olav” standing together with Saint Stephan av Dekani in Kosovo, in the former republic of Serbia.

Ikon of St Olav of Norway and St Stephen of Dekani”, at the Serbian Ortodox Dekani-cloister in Kosovo. Photo: Government of Norway.

Saint Stephan is worshiped in a cloister in Kosovo, by monks in the Serbian Orthodox Church.  The saint died on the battlefield, just like “Saint Olav” of Norway.

“This ikon will get a central place in the Norwegian national cathedral Nidarosdomen”, proclaimed Bishop Tor Singsaas who received the gift form the Foreign Minister.

In his opening speech, Gahr Støre claims a common cultural heritage of Norway, across line of faiths.

 “Today we see a line through history. Saint Olav of Norway made alive by Monks in Kosovo in 2011. Today placed in the very Cathedral of Saint Olav in Trondheim, at the site where the saint was buried in 1031 A.D. Orhodoxy, Catholic and Protestant culture, is a part of the multitudes of Europe”, proclaimed Gahr Støre.

Source: Official site of the Government of Norway.

My comment:

People who receive an alien religious gift, should become aware of what kind of gifts they are about to accept.

It is not often a Bishop receive a religious ikon, from a secular Government, and very seldom from a socialist minister.

Few Norwegians will be aware of the official stand in Kosovo, that the monks in Dechani is members of a cult. “The cult of Saint Stephen”. The monks claim to have the incorruptible body of Stephen, and the skeleton is kept in a coffin inside the cloister.

The corpse, or rather the skeleton of the Kosovo saint is kept for display in the cloister in Kosovo.
The religious sect in Decani are gathered in this cloister in Kosovo.

There are also other relics in this cloister in Kosovo. Like a “holy hand” of a skeleton, and jaw-bone.

A "Holy hand" of a skeleton is worshiped by this sect in Kosovo. The incorruptible hand of St. Nicetas the Goth.
A "Holy Jaw bone" is kept for display, to be venerated and adore in this cloister in Kosovo. The jaw-bone of St. Gregory of Nyssa.

Lets see what a site in Kosovo has recorded:

   Since the 14th century to our times St. Stefan of Dečani’s relics have been the sacral core and spiritual base of the monastic community of Dečani. The emergence and development of Stefan’s cult was a very complex process, which included several distinct phases.


This saint seems also to be worshiped by not Orthodox Christians:

 Every Thursday the moleban (Parakleisis) to the Holy King is served in the Monastery, a deeply moving event: apart from the monks and the remaining members of the Serbian community, the relics are paid devotions by members of international forces of different religious denominations and nationalities.

The spiritual madness in Norway seems to reach not imaginable proportions , only a few weeks back.

That a secular Government gives as Bishop ikons from a religious sect in Kosovo, is a sign of the emergence of the One World Religion.

The worst nightmare for the Norwegian people, is nevertheless, than a Lutheran Bishop receive such abominations, and promise to keep them inside the national Cathedral, Nidarosdomen.

Shame on Christians in Norway, who are sleeping and do not raise up in massive protests.

Where are the Pastors?

Where are the born again Lutheran priests?

Where are the spiritual filed Norwegian Christian leaders?

Written by Ivar