Former Norwegian Bishop wants ban on “Islam-hate”

Former Oslo-Bishop Gunnar Stålsett promotes ban on “Islam-hate”. The Police must monitor and confront this kind of views.

Former Bishop Gunnar Stålsett wants to criminalize critics of Islam, just as Sharia laws require.

Gunnar Stålsett was Lutheran Bishop in Oslo from 1998 to 2005.

Stålsett is the promoter of a new center for syncretism at the Christian site of Stiklestad in central Norway. The former Bishop wants to include Islam as a religion, that contains “Norwegian values”

During a debate on the Norwegian PM Jens Stoltenberg, the Political head warned against the criminalization of opinions. Stoltenberg wanted to secure our democratic values of free expression and limit police actions to criminalization of violence.

The Bishop wanted to set freedom of expression aside.
“We must confront Islam-hate in Europe”, explain Stålsett.

Source: NRK Radio:

My comment:

All people who can see, is aware that Islam has brought terrorism to Europe. Not to take a stand against this anti-democratic religion, is rather a crime, than to accept Islam.

Catholic Bishops in Germany hailed Nazism. Also some Protestant Bishops did likewise.

But Sharia Laws requires that Bishops and police, makes it a criminal act to criticizes Islam, and brand it as a dangerous religious movement.

All who fought for liberation of Europe from Islam when Vienna was under Siege of  the Muslim Ottoman Empire in 1529 A.D, are branded by Stålsett as criminals.

The Norwegian Bishop reminds me about Catholic and protestant Bishops in Germany, who spoke against critics of Nazism in Europe in the 1930-ties.

The Bishop’s wanted the ideology of Adolf Hitler to be included in what was political correct.  Likewise, Stålsett wants to legalize Islam, and make it a part of the mainstream values of the Post-Christian European society.

What a disgrace, and what a farce. European history repeats it self, and Bishops are again in the center of the events.

Written by Ivar

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