Europol: Islamic terror more dangerous than neo-Nazism

Islamic terrorism is more dangerous for Europe than terror from neo-Nazis.

Islamic terrorism pose a greater threat to the free and democratic world than neo-Nazism.

This is a warning from Svenn Kragh Pedersen. He is the spokesman for EUROPO,  which is the body that coordinate the corporation between national police forces in Europe.

Svenn Kragh Pedersen gave this warning to the Danish newspaper “Politikken”.  He explains that even if the massacre in Norway was conducted by a Neo-Nazi, Radical Islam pose a greater threat to Europe.

“We must not underestimate the real threat from Islamic terrorism, and we need to keep a constant eye on the communities that support such”, warns Svenn Kragh Pedersen

After the terror attack on Norway, Europol will keep a closer watch on the right wing extremists inside Europe. The tragedy in Norway has made us all aware that terror attacks can come from all kinds of extreme groups and communities.

Neo-Nazism in the form of a Templar Knight.

“It is rather unusual that neo-Nazis conduct such massive terrorist attacks. They rather commits crimes like blackmailing, kidnapping and arson attacks”, explains Kragh Pedersen.

Europol did not register any terror attacks from extreme right wing terrorists in Europe in 2010.

Islamic terrorists conducted three massive terror attacks in Europe in 2010.

179 supporters of Islamic terrorism were arrested throughout the Globe, for planning terrorist attacks.

Source: Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

Source: Politikken.

One thought on “Europol: Islamic terror more dangerous than neo-Nazism

  1. Oh My God! This Terrorism weather it is either of Islamic or Neo-Nazism or Let it be any Other also it has always created an great distraction between the peoples. It is always dangerous to the Human kind.

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