“The Police must investigate the Templar Knights”

“I need to know if Anders Behring Breivik (32) is indoctrinated or lead by others”.

Geir Lippestad is the defense lawyer for the Templar Knight who massacred socialist youth in Norway.

This is the demand from the defense lawyer Geir Lippestad, published in the Norwegian daily Aftenposten. Lippestad wants the police to investigate brotherhoods of Templar Knights.   

 ” I do not know if there is any leads into these organizations. I have personally no opinions about this” explains Lippestad.

The Nazi blogger “Ray” has confirmed that Breivik has contacts with other Templar Knights in Europe.

The Templar Knights have neen linked to the Chrostian faith. The Norwegian newspaper ask a relevant question to the defense lawyer:

Has Breivik asked for a priest inside the prison?

“No. This has nothing to do with the Christian faith, as we know this faith. Breivik has not requested the jailor for permission to see any visitors”.  

: Aftenposten.

My comment:

Advocate Geir Lippestand is not listed among the 112 advocates in Norway, who are members of “Den Norske Store Landsloge”, the highest national Freemason brotherhood in Norway.

Let me remind the Norwegian people where the headquarter of the Freemason’s in Oslo is located. It is located in the pink building, next to the National parliament. Here are two fresh pictures:

No flowers at the gates of this building, the headquarter of the Templar Knights in Oslo.
The headquarter of the Templar Knights in Norway (pink building behind) is larger than the main Parliament building (in front with bed of flowers).

If Lippestads demands shall be met by the Government of Norway, “Houston we have a problem”.

Lippestad might find it difficult to approve of police officers who have no loyalty or commitments towards police officers and advocates the Government has to question.

Written by Ivar

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