Grand Master Robert Disney confirms links to the forces that "protected" the first Papal Kingdom in Jerusalem.

We are the successors to the Templar Knights that protected pilgrims in Jerusalem.

This is a conformation given by Robert C. G. Disney. He is the grand master of “Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani” (OSMTH) This is a Templar Knighthood NGO.

Disney deny that the Norwegian Neo-Nazi who massacred the socialist youth in Norway, was a member of their secret brotherhood.

 “We do not promote violence. Our agenda is to provide humanitarian aid, bridge building across race, colors, political views and faith.  What we represent is the radical opposite of the views and ideology of the neo-Nazi”, claims Disney.

OSMTH is registered with the United Nation, and has its headquarter in the Swiss city Geneva.

The original Templar Knighthood was formed during the days of the Bishop of Rome’s control of Jerusalem. The Templar’s were given the task of protecting the Catholic pilgrims. The Templar’s were hammered by the Muslims, when the Pope lost control of Jerusalem in 1291 A.D.

The Templar Knighthood was later dissolved. Only the France around 1800 A.D it resurfaced, and with a claimed different agenda.

Source: Norwegian Tabloid VG

My comment:

It is worth noticing that the confirmation of historical links to the forces that fought for the Pope, for the control of Jerusalem, comes from the global Head of this Templar Knighthood.

That their agenda has changed, is only partly correct. Because the Bishop of Rome still battles for the control of Jerusalem. The Pope wants the city to become and “International zone”. On top of this coming “special regime” in Jerusalem, will come a ruler who has been approved and blessed by the Vatican.

The Bishop of Rome also work for unity across all borders, and also across the lines of faith. This kind of Universal global brotherhood, will be lead by a supreme King. His authority will not come from God the Bible, but rather from the bottomless pit. The Globalists work for a cross national compromise, that is expected to bring “International unity and peace”.

To get everyone to rally behind this interfaith global brotherhood, someone must be sent to create chaos and confusion. That a Templar Knight might have got the order to create this situation in secular and multicultural Norway, is more than possible. Because the result is more support for the Globalists and the highest ranked Freemason’s secret agenda.

Fascists in Europe in the 1920-ties dressed up as Marxists, and attacked other Fascists on the streets. This was done to rally public support for their agenda. It was called provocations. Out of provocations, chaos and violence, came the public demand for order, and strong leadership. That was what the Fascists desired. This is also what Neo-Nazism is all about.  Adolf Hitler came to power by a popular vote, the Nazi-party being the winners of the 1932 election in Germany.

What comes at the end of this age?

Mankind is hopelessly lost because of their rejection of God of the Bible. They live in a pit of sin, and without surrender to Jesus the Messiah they will all face judgment.

The road that leads to destruction is wide, and millions will walk straight into the gates of Hell. This road will be filled with both roses and good intentions. But in their sins, and rejection of the truth, they will die and perish.

Written by Ivar