AUF in Norway support center of syncretism at Stiklestad

Christians do not want to have Islamic symbols inside the Christian historical site of Stiklestad. AUF wants to see syncretism at this site.

All that AUF-leader Eskild Pedersen and PM Stoltenberg is doing is not right, simply because they were attacked by a Neo-Nazi.

The group that planned to protest against a planned multireligious center at Stiklestad in Norway, has canceled their protest.

Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre is called to open the Saint Olav feast this weekend.

“We feel there is no transparency in the plans of the Minister and the regional Bishop. Because of the tragic circumstances in Norway this week, we have cancelled our plans to voice our protest”, explains Christian leader Eivind Lundager.

The Socialist youth was planning to take action against the Christian protestors, by staging a counter protest.

 “The planed Christian protest at Stiklestad, was pure disrespect of the victims of the massacre on Utøya”, explains the regional head of the AUF, Eivind Rindal.

Source: Norwegian Daily: Dagen

My comment:

That a Neo-Nazi massacred at least 68 AUF members, does not make the AUF’s stand on religious syncretism correct.

That Christians wants to protest against such religious syncretism is their democratic right.

 Exodus 20

And God spoke all these words: “I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. “You shall have no other gods before me.

That the AUF wants to take advantage of national sympathy towards them, by pushing Christians on Norway to accept Islam as a religion containing Norwegian values, is a complete disgrace.

The AUF should stick to politics, and not change it self into a religious movement that support Islam.

The political environment in Norway is indeed special. That the Socialist youth supports a Bishop that wants to mix up all the religions, is a sign that the One World religion is emerging at an accelerating speed.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “AUF in Norway support center of syncretism at Stiklestad

  1. Oh Amen…Amen Amen…”That the Socialist youth supports a Bishop that wants to mix up all the religions, is a sign that the One World religion is emerging at an accelerating speed”…The rate of speed this will happen happening right before our eyes..It use to be any public display of any kind doesn’t reveal what is under the surface…but now it’s all out in the open…blatantly..”Evil is called good..and Good is called evil”…The President of The United States has no clue just what side of the Fence he and his Government (all political parties) are really being used as Pawns of Satan to bring this destruction to pass!…How sad this Nation is a major player to turn against Israel …so is England! The America we once knew no longer exists…yet you hear and see so many squawk about Constitutional rights…What a joke! There are no rights with Lucifer! It’s all about destroying as many people as he can tp hell…before he has to answer to The One TRUE GOD..The Risen LORD OF GLORY!

    1. You sound just like the far-right loons here in the USA. And, BTW, safety for Israel and self determination for Palestine are not mutually exclusive.

      1. Dear William Kromer.


        You wrote:

        You sound just like the far-right loons here in the USA.

        My reply:

        To explain how little you seem to understand of political and spiritual matters:

        I was a leader of the local Socialist youth, and have been to Utøya (the site of the massacre) twice for the political summer camps. I have worked for a Social Democratic Minister in Norway. I have never been a member of any conservative party, neither participated in any conservative or right wing gatherings.

        BUT, I have been saved by Jesus, and He is my Master.

        I am a pacifist, and will never hold a gun in my hand. I will never harm anyone. If someone wants to shoot me, they are free to give me a departure to Heaven. If this kind of act have been permitted to take place, from Heaven.

        Do you read me?

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