Israel gets ready for war with new Islamic state

The Israeli army (IDF) has been busy procuring new weapons in response to a Palestinian Authority’s unilateral statehood bid in September.

The Hamas has decleared war on Israel, and will be honored by massive support for a new Islamic terrorstate.

It is widely expected that after the Palestinians petition the UN to recognize a Palestinian mass popular violence will break out against Israel.

If the UN votes to recognize “Palestine,” most Palestinians want their own armed forces to sieze territory from Israel, including eastern Jerusalem.

If the UN rejects the bid, Israel believes the various Palestinian terror groups will launch a new intifada (terrorist uprising).
In either case, Israel knows all too well how the international community will respond if the Jewish state uses deadly force to defend itself.

As such, the IDF is distributing weapons with reduced lethality to front-line units. Among these weapons is a new receiver for the standard-issue M-16 assualt rifle that allows it to fire 0.22 mm rounds, which are not lethal from long distance.

Israeli snipers will also be issued non-lead impact bullets that do not penetrate skin, but still deliver a painful blow.
The army is also preparing to deploy new non-lethal weaponry, including the “Scream,” which uses bursts of sound to disorient rioters, and the “Skunk Bomb,” which needs no explanation.

Despite Israel’s extensive and costly efforts to avoid casualities in the expected coming violence, precedent suggests that the international community will still find an excuse to blame Israel for the situation.
Source: Israel Today

My comment:

After the Hamas crippled and killed the al-Fatha government and took control of Gaza in 2007, the International community seems to be ready to support the formation of an Islamic terrorist state.

Hamas has also fired 8.000 rockets in to Israel, an onslaught on the only free and democratic state in the Middle East. The terrorist fire have been hailed by the United Nation, where a majority of states supports the Hamas.

 Romans 1:18
[ God’s Wrath Against Sinful Humanity ] The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness.

The logic is that terror and violence shall be honored, and those who play by Human rights and International laws shall be punished. Within a generation the moral compass of the Word has become toxic, and evil has been the winning melody in the International community.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “Israel gets ready for war with new Islamic state

  1. hey i read the news about israel readying for war.let me say this we need to write letters to senators and governors all the people right now to show our feelings and to urge them to tell america to stand with israel more now then ever, doesnt matter what Al-Qaida says no ,matter what Hamas says they cannot scare us. we need to tell them to ask to support israel and the IDF, we need to help israel and make those evil doers see that israel for thousands of years has always been jewish never an arab country. this needs to be clearly told to america. not fall in the trap the arabs are setting a trap on america and others we should send our soldiers to help the IDF and thier armies since america and israel are allies and can work together to defeat the wicked people ask god to grant these men strength to win this battle so please write to your senators and others to get the support needed dont wait till war strikes and dont wait till september gets here either

  2. I don’t see how you can prepare for war and use non lethal weapons. This way the enemy never stops coming but your own people are killed because they will not use non lethal weapons.

  3. A momentum is building in the Holy Land. The process is now unstoppable. A new form of sovereignty is required. The vital pieces of the puzzle are : The State of Israel; Judea and Samaria/The West Bank; Gaza; Jordan; Lebanon; Syria; Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

    The current GDP of these areas is $1.6 Trillion. This can increase by at least 5% p.a. over the next 38 years if the right moves are made. The devil is in the detail of how various issues will be organised and managed, but the overarching vision is correct. With trust building and courage on display the moves can be agreed to. BTW, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s discussion on Al Arabiya yesterday was highly significant.

    So to really kick start the process of unfolding the true potential of the people and the region there are two options :

    (1) Hold an International or Regional Peace Conference in Jerusalem tout de suite. this could replace or act as an adjunct to the stalled NPT conference and/or the upcoming UN General Assembly Meeting.

    (2) Install the right person and his team in a Tent of Meeting idea in Jerusalem to hold sway over proceedings. He knows how to build trust and sell the plan.

    G-d’s timetable will trump all others.

    1. A currious set of ideas …. however … Muslims DO NOT EVER Accept Peace, they will moderate their position Only to Survive for Their next Violet Efforts … Arabs breed like ferrell cats and must be treated per the Vermin There are … choosing Mohammed is a basic choice, a wrong choice and G-D with forever punish the Arab States and The radical Muslims therein.

      A War, or Non declared War Like fighting will begin in Late Sept ’11 … The End Times may or may not be at hand … but the fate of Arabs/Muslim radicals and their Supporters is Sealed.

      Be Ready, Listen, Watch read Evertything, beleieve some, Trust in The Judeo/Christain G-D Only and Christ as your Savior. Bless Those who ask for such and deserve same.

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