Jew-hate exposed on socialist youth camp on eve of massacre

The Norwegian labor youth called for International boycott of Israel, and cursed the Jewish people.  

The Labor youth camp exposed hate towards Israel. Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and Eskild Pedersen brought down curses on their own heads.

– We are tired of Israel.

This was the message from AUF leader Eskil Pedersen the very day before the massacre took place in Utøya in Norway. 85 of the Labor youth camp was massacred by a Norwegian Freemason templar.

The day before the massacre, AUF leader Pedersen invited the Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre to the camp. Støre in the very minister in Norway who recognized The Hamas, and held secret talk with the leadership in the Islamic terrorist organization.

This is what Pedersen is recorded saying to the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, on 21st of July. This was 48 hours before the tragedy took place.

“I acknowledge that economical boycott of Israel is a dramatic tool to use. But we are tired of Israel’s behavior. Large parts of the Word reacts towards Israel all the time, but Israel do not pay attention. Our advice to the Government of Norway is a signal, that we are tired of Israel” explains Pedersen.

When the right wing terrorist started to execute the labor party youth, Pedersen was the first to be taken into a boat, and guided into safety on mainland Norway.


My comment:

A neo-Nazi has massacred a socialist youth camp. A horrible crime against humanity, a mockery of the teaching of Jesus.

Here are two pictures of the Templar knight, who committed the mass murder:

The Templar knight with neo-Nazi sympathy was highly decorated by his brethren.
Andes Behring in his freemason uniform. Both these images were published on Youtube by him self.

That this horrible crime was committed by a neo-Nazi, does not justify the Jew hate exposed in the socialist camp. Very few in Norway are willing to listen to the warnings that this Lutheran kingdom has become the most anti-Jewish nation in Europe.

Those who curse Israel, is bringing a curse down on their own head.

In the case of the AUF youth camp, there can never be a better example. The AUF has for years been a strong supporter of the PLO, and Islamic terrorism towards the only Jewish state.

This is the time for reflections. If Norway wants to escape the wrath of God, the nation need to repent. That a Freemason Templar has managed to massacre the labor youth camp, is a signal that the Norwegian society has lost the blessings and cover that Jesus have provided for Norway for hundreds of years of Christianity.

Both he neo-Nazis and the post-Christian Norwegian society are headed for God’s final judgment and destruction.

Written by Ivar

39 thoughts on “Jew-hate exposed on socialist youth camp on eve of massacre

    1. there is no shift nincompoop you, the muzzies that do come over here are losing their faith rapidly, the only real dangerous ones are newly converts, and guess who they might be.

  1. This violence cannot be condoned yet Genesis 12: 1-3 remains clear. God will Bless those blessing Israel & The Jews and curse those cursing Israel & The Jews.

    However, not all Norwegians or even all Lutherns are anti Israel.

  2. The words “ya reap whatcha sow” come to mind. Damn Israel, you damn yourself. The secularization of Europe and its blindness towards the advancement of Islam will doom the continent. Which should be a warning and a precursor to those of us in the States. It’s time to bring God back and accept Jesus Christ as Our Lord. (Except the Jews of course…they can remain Jews all they want.)

  3. “We the People” said:
    “(Except the Jews of course…they can remain Jews all they want.)”

    What du you meant o imply by that?

    Where in the Bible is it said Jesus and his salvation isn´t needed by jews?

    1. Dear M.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      Never on this site, Has it ever been written by the editors that Jesus can be bypassed for salvation. His salvation is a free gift to both Jews and gentiles. All who reject Him as the King of Kings, will face judgment. The price for such rejection of king Messiah, is eternity in Hell.

      Similarly, all who worship some kind of “Jesus” will face judgment. Many of the deceived people within claimed to be “Christianity” harms the Jewish people, and curse the state of Israel. Such acts are equally a tragedy, as the rejection of the true Messiah.

  4. There’s also the possibility that the shooter was an evil man and that the innocent children who were murdered did not deserve to die regardless of their elders’ opinions on Israel, and that God had nothing to do with this.

    Just saying.

    1. Ilan


      Your comment:

      There’s also the possibility that the shooter was an evil man and that the innocent children who were murdered did not deserve to die regardless of their elders’ opinions on Israel, and that God had nothing to do with this.

      My reply:

      The attacker on the Norwegian youth camp was surely an evil man.

      And the claimed reason for the attack, was not the Socialist party youth attack on Israel.

      The Templar Knight rather attacked supporters and promoters of multi-culturalism. He was also against marxists at large. Just like Hitler.

      Both the Norwegian Templar Knight and Adolf Hitler desired to see the “clean, white European race rule the World”. His agenda was both racist, and based on Fascism and Nazism. The Templar knight wanted to replace democratic institutions with totalitarian rule. To achieve this goal, violence is needed.

      Israel is involved in this tragedy, because the Norwegian AUF promotes antisemitism. Their anti-Israel attitude were displayed in public on the youth camp it self. All political forces that has tried to curse and harm the Jewish people have perished.

      God of the Bible will neither support antisemitism, not support a freemason Templar Knight. Two evils never makes one right. And sometimes evil forces are attacked by other evil forces. The gates of Hell is wide open. And the road that leads to destruction, will always been filled with a lot of blood and the best outspoken intentions.

      Let me underline that I am a pacifist, which I feel is inline with the teachings of my Master Jesus. If all men were likewise, there would be no need for a gun. No one would be killed by bullets.

  5. The children were supporters of Hamas, looking for ways to further their goals. Their government a supporter of terrorism against Israel, bringing in 100,000 of Islamic people into Norway changing their culture and slowly creating an Islamic country. Government members saying that Israel did this and calling for war against Israel. One man felt angry about this thinking he was defending himself and his culture choose extreme action to respond. I don’t think anything is right about this.

    Except, I know there will be more violence. EU is going through a culture shift from European culture to Islamic culture there is bound to be some violence.

  6. This man has done extreme damage to true Christians everywhere
    when he states on his facebook he is a Christian. Now those in
    Norway who might have stood up for Christian morals, values, world
    view, culture will be ridiculed by fellow countrymen as “being on his side”.

    I am sure the Islamic terrorists loved seeing the “demonstration” of
    unity held in Norway today. I am praying for Norway!

  7. Anders Behring was a Zionist not a Nazi. Since when do Nazis praise Jews, homosexuals, and race-mixing? – which Behring did his whole adult life.

    Further your claim that, “Those who curse Israel, [are] bringing a curse down on their own head” is a heresy. Christ himself said the Jews were “of their father the devil.”

    The word “Israel” literally means “the enemy of God.” Don’t take my word for it, ask a rabbi.

    The Jews, collectively represent the anti-Christ. Aryans, collectively represent Christ. We are the true chosen people. The bible, when parsed correctly, makes that abundantly clear.

    1. Dear Tallesen.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      Your comment:

      Anders Behring was a Zionist not a Nazi. Since when do Nazis praise Jews, homosexuals, and race-mixing? – which Behring did his whole adult life.

      My reply:

      Again I permit a comment, just to expose the perverse views of men on the street. Zionism is not about race-mixing, not homosexuals. It is about the right for Jews to live in their ancient homeland.

      Your next message will be spammed. So do not bother writing another message. If you repent, and apologize, I will reconsider.

  8. God will deal with Norway,as well as Germany and al countries that are against Israel.Time is near the end…
    ISAIAH 17 Damascus destroyed ..Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38…

  9. Israel is a state, not a person.

    It is not “jew-hate” , it’s disagreeing with a states treatment of others.

    Israel DOES NOT speak for jewish people…..they speak for the state……some people don’t want you to see the obvious difference or to admit that you do.

    Clouding the issue are we………surprise, surprise.

  10. John, can you or your friends help with this. I know this is not the right forum but it is very important.

    Save the Galilee

    Attacks appear to be organized and funded by I’lam and the New Israel Fund. David Bedein, of the Israel Resource News Agency.

    “The threat to the Jewish farmers in the Galilee stems from the Israeli Arabs who are being manipulated by a very sophisticated campaign…Please read the references on my web site to I’lam and Adalah….The Israeli Arabs in the Galilee are determined to intimidate thousands of Jews to leave the Galilee.” Israel Behind The News

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  11. Blessed Is The Match

    Blessed is the match consumed
    in kindling flame.
    Blessed is the flame that burns
    in the secret fastness of the heart.
    Blessed is the heart with the strength to stop
    its beating for honor’s sake.
    Blessed is the match consumed
    in kindling flame.

    Hannah Senesh
    Sardice, Yugoslavia May 2, 1944
    a small gift the sacred words of Hannah Senesh a Jewish Warrior who was kill by the Nazi’s at age 24

  12. Hello there………its me………..again,

    More and more truth comes to the surface regarding those moments on Utoya Island…….it seems the parents of these youth had decided to place their very own flesh and blood into the murderous crucible of international politics………it seems that Utoya, at first glance an idyllic Norwegian playground, was little more than a training ground for the cannon fodder of Hamas and Hezbollah as young men and women were readied, through brain-washing and a steady diet of propaganda, to be placed into the breech of islamic terrorism………

    Utoya Island, a sort of Ikea-esque version of the madrassas of Pakistan where the very finest of suicide bombers are moulded……….

    So, I thought I would share my thoughts with you on parents who throw their children to lions………

    Here lays the truth….

    There is no difference between the muslim who whispers the blackest of lies in the ears of the unloved, the easily impressed and the dull witted and then, for the sake of political agenda, ignites these same lost souls in a blinding flash of light in the marketplace….where in a symphony of carnage and the sweetest of agony, the innocent are borne away on rivers of blood………this Middle Eastern creation, the work of madmen, the pride of Lucifer himself….. yet greatly admired by some as so too the Norwegian politicians and academia who whisper lies into the ears of their own children as they set out to the island of Utoya…….these so called educated and enlightened men and women who champion the cause of psychopathic, terroristic murderers…..these Norwegian men and women, closet national socialists, who seek the murder and annihilation of all Jewry on a global scale….these monstrous Norwegian men and women who whisper lies into their children’s ears and then set these children loose into the political arena to, in seeking, as all children do, the approving eye of that which gave them life, willingly act as little more than cannon fodder for their parents vicious agenda………

    How incredibly sick…… incredibly demented, these Norwegians who use their children as pawns in a game that they themselves are loathe to play……..wretched bloody cowards the lot……and now they stand on the world stage and, tears flowing down cheeks, with hand on heart, with refrains of melodramatic background music as their flesh and blood is lowered into the ground…..and now……with obscene hypocrisy……….they seek our solace and our sympathy…..what wretched souls these sick Norwegian psychopaths…….now, having offered up their very own children to the cause and conflict of islam and terrorism they will be accorded, with admiring deference by their fellow media luminaries, academics and politicians, the very best seats in cafes and bistros…..where, noshing on exotic cuisine, sipping expensive wines, dressed in shemaghs and wrapped in the Palestinian flag, the haute couture of media, mass murders and academia everywhere, they will be treated as celebrities for murdering their very own children… utterly vile………..

    In the darkened doorways lurk the omnipresent leering muslim vultures, Hamas and Hezbollah…….they sit quietly and marvel at a job well done…..for the slaughter of these deluded youth was a win/win massacre for muslims…….you find evidence of that in their immediate reaction to the bombing as every Jihadist group, muslim and islamist with an axe to grind didn’t just rush to the Norwegian river of blood….no, they jumped in and, splashing and frolicking about, claiming responsibility…..revelling, as they love to do, in the death and misery of innocents and children…….

    But as events unfolded and it became apparent that Anders Breivik was responsible……….these muslims faded away quietly as here was something beyond their wildest dreams…..and the academia smiled………..and the media was delighted…….and the band played on………..

    How utterly bloody wretched…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  13. I been thinking since we can not wake people up about the Islamic culture invasion that is slowly overwhelming the world. We should invested in prayer rugs and knee pads. Praying 5 times a day, there will be a big market. In an Islamic culture it is better to be rich. Read “Culture and Conflict” by Slazman. The problem is far bigger then anyone of you can imagine.

  14. I’m sorry, but this is incorrect. The AUF don’t hate Jewish people. I know this is true, because one of my old school friends in Norway is Jewish, and he’s a member of the AUF. The AUF aren’t the only political youth leauge in Norway to join this kind of protest. The RU and SU are also doing it. And it’s not anti-semetic at all.

    The whole boycott is against the Israeli government, not against the Jewish people of the world. The boycott started after the Gaza Massacre (the air strikes over the Gaza Strip, carried out by the Israeli army in 2008). All kinds of innocent people were killed by that, and most of the people in Gaza want to make peace with the Israelis.The Politically Left of Norway weren’t pleased, and the protests are meant to show their displeasure at the situation. There are people from all kinds of religions taking part in those protests, including Jewish people. They feel that the Israeli government isn’t entirely innocent in the situation either. But they hate Hamas too.

    The SU, RU, and AUF are all about getting rid of racism, and racists aren’t allowed in. They boycott Israel because Israel hasn’t been entirely fair to the Palistinian civillians. Hamas are nutcases, but many of the Palistinian civilians just want peace with the Israelis so they can get on with their lives and not have to worry about getting blown up.

    In short, non of the Politically Left in Norway hate Jewish people, and that Includes the AUF. This article is either mistaken, or deliberately misinformative.

  15. This is such a hellish deed which took place. Satan rewarded the youth camp for their hatered towards Israel, he slaughtered them. Satan’s reward for his children is Eternal Hell. Jesus Christ is the Only True Salvation on the face of this Earth. Those who reject Him and curse His Chosen People (Israel) will be lost forever to Eternal Hell.

  16. Shalom

    Could you tease out your position that an expression of being “tired of Israel’s behaviour” is tantamount to “Jew hate” in light of the fact that Jews from both within and without Israel are similarly tired of that contry’s behaviour?

    Are Jews that protest Israel’s appalling behaviour in their hinterland also to be accused of this “Jew hate”?

    1. Dear David C Browne

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      You wrote:

      Could you tease out your position that an expression of being “tired of Israel’s behaviour” is tantamount to “Jew hate” in light of the fact that Jews from both within and without Israel are similarly tired of that contry’s behaviour?

      My comment:

      There are many Norwegians who are tired of the Government of Norway’s behaviour. But we do not want the country to go to the dogs. We love Norway, and we wish that the nation will continue to have borders we can defend.

      We do not have only 8 kilometers from the main airport in Oslo, to an area where hostile rockets can be fired into the air control center.

      You wrote:

      Are Jews that protest Israel’s appalling behaviour in their hinterland also to be accused of this “Jew hate”?

      My comment:

      Norwegians who wants Norway to cease to exist as a nation, do hate Norway. They are self-hating Norwegians.

      1. Shalom

        You wrote:

        Norwegians who want Norway to cease to exist as a nation, do hate Norway. They are self-hating Norwegians.

        My comment:

        Isn’t it rather a leap of logic to conclude that citizens of a country (or outside observers) who disagree with that country’s current activities wish to see that country cease to exist?

        Additionally, you infer that Israeli Jews and Jews from abroad who protest the Israeli state’s history of illegal land aquisition and military violence are “self hating Jews”. Do you not feel that this is hurtful. reactionary as well as a naive & simplistic assesment of the situation?


      2. Dear David C Browne


        You asked:

        Do you not feel that this is hurtful. reactionary as well as a naive & simplistic assesment of the situation?

        My reply:

        The only thing that matters is what God of the Bible has to say about this question and answer. It is Jesus the Messiah who has gathered the lews back to Zion. Not to spoil it, nor to give it away to pagans. The Jewish people has a special calling to look after the aliens among them. It is not easy to take care of aliens who wants top cripple and kill you.

        The sons and daughter of Isaac and Jacob and not suppose to fight with their cousins, the family of Ishmael. But an Arab called Muhammad deceived the nomads and the Egyptians. Islam is not a religion of peace. Its a religion based on lies and deception, and rebellion against God our Father.

    2. Shalom

      As your interpretation of the situation appears to be strictly Biblical, would it be safe to assume that you approve of the actions of Anders Breivik?

      By his actions he executed, as you say, those who worked in favour of those who “want to cripple and kill you”.

      He executed, as you say, those who fostered this “Jew hate”. Biblically speaking.

      Would he not be a soldier in your cause?


  17. Oh mr Ivar how come you do not remind the fact that mr Breivik did those killings on 23rd July when just by coincidence some other fanatic pro-zionist killed plenty of people at King David’s Hotel?
    What you want to say that the movie “Tears of Gaza” which shows live the killings of innocents that the army of Israel is doing against civilian palestinians,which movie is made by some norwegians,are lies?
    Forged images?
    In case you did not knew when state of Israel was founded Palestine had 30% christians from the population,most of greek orthodox religion.
    Now it also has plenty of christians,so actually Israel is killing both christian and muslim palestinians.But is clear they killed / displaced more christians than muslims because it seems the percentage of christians from Israel droped.
    You do not know that God Jesus Christ is calling the judaic religion from that time in the book of Revelation “Synagogue of Satan”?
    What God Jesus Christ has to do with jews?
    He was born from a galilean mother,not from a jewish mother.
    Yes old hebrews were galileans and jews,but Holy Apostles and Mother of God were galileans.

    1. Dear Mihalt

      Sabbath Shalom, and love i Jesus.


      The family three of Jesus is well documented in the Bible. That Joseph and Mary was living in Galilee, do not exclude them from the bloodline of King David and the Jewish tribe of Judah.

      Luke 2:4:5

      So Joseph also went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem the town of David, because he belonged to the house and line of David. He went there to register with Mary, who was pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child.


      Jew-hate and antisemitic comments will not be permitted on this blog. If I do not see any repentance, your next message will be spam.

  18. “The Templar knight with neo-Nazi sympathy was highly decorated by his brethren”. FAKE NEWS. He was neither a Templar, Mason, Neo-Nazi nor decorated by others than himself in his crazed make-belief world.

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