Norwegian Freemason templar slaughter 84 youth

Anders Behring Breivik (32) was a member of the Freemason group “Saint Olaus of the three pilars”.

Anders Behring Breivik (32) served a secret skull and bones society of the elite in Norway.

84 Labour party youth have so fare been confirmed killed.  The mass murder was conducted by freemason, a third level ordained “priests”in the templar group of “Saint Olaus T.D three pilars”.

Source: The Norwegian News agency, (NTB).

The emblem of the "St Olaus" society.

The Norwegian freemason society have around 19.000 members. In 2009, the highly decorated freemason member Roger Aase published a book that exposed this skull and bones society.  The leaders of this kind secret society are the very elite of the society. Supreme Court lawyers, generals, executive directors, media persons and priests.

Few people took Aases warnings seriously.

When Aase was ordained to the fifth lever of the secret brotherhood, He was taken through a grotesque ritual.  This is what he has published in his book.

Roger Aase published a book and warned about the secret templar societies of Norway.
“He (the higher brother) took mi hand off the skull. He put on his hat, kept standing and looking at me. The guarded brothers took me off the altar, and laid me inside a coffin. They put a textile over my face. I was in the state of shock”.

The Norwegian freemason society refuse to comment the Norwegian massacre.

The coats of arms of the Norwegian Freemasons Society.

– We have no possibility to comment on individuals, not any incident’s involving our members, explains  Mr. Helge Qvigstad, who is the media contact of the Freemason Society of Norway.

 1 John 3:10
This is how we know who the children of God are and who the children of the devil are: Anyone who does not do what is right is not God’s child, nor is anyone who does not love their brother and sister.

Read more about both secret and public skull and bones societies.

The Templar knights are the sons and daughters of the papal soldiers that slaughtered Jews on their way to Jerusalem, to capture the “Holy city” for the Pope. The ultimate head of the freemasons are found in the Vatican. He is called ‘The Holy Father”.

Read more about the Jerusalem Templars

The goal of this religious movement is still the same. World dominance. But to promote the Pope as the man who can bring “peace” to the World, there must first be chaos. The global demand for order and the “strong man” leadership, will surely follow this tragedy in Norway.

Written by Ivar

16 thoughts on “Norwegian Freemason templar slaughter 84 youth

    1. Dear Roma


      The source in the Norwegian News Agency NTB. This has been recorded in many major Norwegian newspapers.

  1. The Freemasons have openly admitted their worship of Satan under the guise of a Christian organization. Watch this scary Freemason declare his allegiance to Satan.

    Much like abortion is a blood sacrifice to Satan so were the Jews of WWI and WWII.

    It is my opinion that satan is prepairing a super soilder army for the tribulation and the second coming. These supper soilders are demonically possesed.

    What encourages a man to hurt or kill an child? This can only be describe as a demonic Satanic Super Soilder.

    I believe these possesed individuals are here on earth waiting for their calling from Satan. Its my opinion this act of violence was nothing more than a satanic sacrifice to satan. This man was possesed and he was called to action and he acted out his calling.

    Time is coming in my opinion if we are not taken soon where this sort of event will be common weekly if not daily. They are already occuring weekly in my opinion in Africa, North Korea, Libya, Russia and countless other countries they just dont get the press.

    Lets hope we are gone soon to the golden city. Marnatha

  2. Ivar, this article doesn’t make sense. The Vatican has denounced Freemasonry on many occasions throughout the past.

    You state: “The ultimate head of the freemasons are found in the Vatican. He is called The Holy Father”

    Please provide a reference, as I believe this statement is false. I can prove the opposite:

    Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, as the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, issued Quaesitum est, which states: “… the Church’s negative judgment in regard to Masonic association remains unchanged since their principles have always been considered irreconcilable with the doctrine of the Church and therefore membership in them remains forbidden.”


    1. To Andrew: The head of this freemasonry is THE VICAR OF SATAN:and possibly this VICAR is one of the richest man in this organization.his name matches with the codename MABUS as predicted by Nostradamus.This freemasons are really SATANIC,they already killed many people:The pharisees is the biblical times are majority freemasons,ABRAHAM LINCOLN,JOHN F.KENNEDY,JOHN LENNON,AALIYAH,MICHAEL JACKSON are just some of it’s famous murder victims.

  3. I completely agree! This was a false flag attack. The masons (satanists, really) like to peg their works with 32 and 322. The blast went off at 3:20 according to Al Jazeera… and at 3:26 according to some other sources. Either way, it is a 32.

    Additionally, Anders is reported to be 32.

    I have two compilations you will like, a collection of 32’s in movies (used to mark the secret society influence in the film, and double as a peg in brainwashing using classical conditioning) and also a discussion of indicators showing the attacks are a false flag conducted by secret society members.

  4. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, prophet of God from India, said recently that the pale horse seen in Egypt, that caused the riots/revolutions throughout Middle East will begin to roam in Europe also. That will cause bloodshed and riots in Europe. Those events will reflect in countries to the south of Europe.

    A good article linking the event with end times.

    Fundamental terror,..really?

    I wasn’t going to write about this but I really feel compelled to write about the massacre that occurred yesterday in Norway. I believe this was a turning point in the events leading up to the final end time events as described in the Bible. This morning when I first read the news about the attack I was surprised to see already that the attacker was pegged as a ‘right-wing’, ‘anti-Muslim’, gun club member. It seemed odd to me that they already had that kind of information about the man and that it was the first thing they wanted to say about him. I could already tell that this attack was going to be used politically to begin targeting and singling out certain types of people in society. I mean it wasn’t hours after the tragic deaths of over 80 young people and the topic they want to print in the news is the political and philosophical views of the killer? I knew as soon as I made the connection that it wasn’t going to be more than a day or so and they would peg the guy as a ‘Christian’ and of course we all know that ‘right wing’, ‘anti-Muslim’(this label is for anyone that is against Islamic agenda), gun owning, Christians are prone to be mass murdering terrorists.

    Sure enough, a couple of hours after I first read the article I typed in a search for ‘Fundamentalist Christian’,…The Norway incident was the first topic on the Yahoo search engine. And of course there was the Article, ‘Norway suspect Fundamentalist christian’. This is a sign of the times folks, things are speeding up. In Nazi Germany the persecution of the Jews began with the German Government identifying the Jews as a problematic people. In our times it will be ‘Fundamentalist Christians’ who are identified as the problem. Why ‘Fundamentalist’? Because they will want to exclude from persecution all the ‘trendy Christians’ who are at peace with the New World Order and the New World Religion. In fact those kinds of Christians will want to promote and be a part of an all inclusive New World Religion, a religion that says there are many paths to God and that Jesus is only one of the many ways, you know, because they are so loving and peaceful. But the Fundamentalist,…eeeewwww, those are the evil Christians that believe Jesus is the Truth the Life, and the Way and that no one comes to the Father(God) except by Jesus. Fundamentalist believe that the Bible is literally true, and that the Word of God is to be believed as it is written. Why Fundamentalists are ‘extreme’. You know, those Christians who believe that their relationship with God and their loyalty to Gods Word comes first and foremost over and above any other loyalty including that persons loyalty to their Government. Yep those guys are going to be a problem for the anti-christ because they will expose all of his evil stuff as long as they are given a voice or a pen(or a computer). So they will have to be silenced. The Bible says that in the last days the beast will make war with the saints and overcome them.

  5. A lot of theories about false. A lot of theories about who is resonsible.
    How can you make difference between false free-mason and real free-mason? How can you make difference between fascism and communism? And how to differentiate real lodge and communists infiltrated lodge. None of you can do it.
    So do not talk about false topics. Reality is clear. There is just one man and one story.

  6. Hello Golda……..I am very pleased that you know what a “Fundamentalist” really is. I am one, and I believe the scriptures are literally true. Jesus did indeed quote: “I am the way, the truth and the life and NO ONE comes to the Father except by me” Also Golda I am very pleased that you have the courage to tell this to anyone in this world who might be listening and reading this article. Opression of Fundamental Christians is growing leaps and bounds. The USA Homeland Secruity Chief just recently announced there should be a crackdown on “Christian Terrirusts” in America. God be with you.

  7. What a lot of ill informed nonsense is spoken about how bad Freemasonry is? Freemasonry is universal and has been around since 1717 or before. Members are selected from good and true men who profess a belief in a supreme being and strictly obey the moral law. There is no secret with regard to any of the basic principles of Freemasonry. Any discussions regarding religion or politics are strictly forbidden at any lodge meeting. Freemasonry is NOT a satanist organisation and the Pope is certainly not the head of the order!! To suggest otherwise is nothing more than ignorance. Where do you stupid people get such information from??
    John M

  8. I offer comment on the media scrutiny of the massacres in Norway, particularly the lack of media curiosity surrounding Breivik’s fraternal membership. Herein, I believe, lays a hint of the influence Freemasons wield within our society as non-aligned Journalists, our only source of commentary, fear ridicule and retribution.

    This fear has resulted lack of objective media scrutiny into this monster’s affiliation with an organisation established in the 15th century with the admitted intention of creating a new world order, ostensibly to free the world of government corruption. Since this time they have been very successful in infiltrating the military and all tiers of government, world-wide. One of their great successes is the United Nations, a quasi world government influencing every aspect of our lives.

    Unfortunately they have failed dismally to stamp out corruption and, as with many all-powerful organisations, have become corrupt themselves. It is unfortunate that an organisation doing so much good, with such noble beginnings, has degenerated into the morass of selfish, nepotistic self-interest, fearful their true influence, therefore the depth of corruption, will be discovered.

    Many Freemasons remain true to their noble cause however, and increasingly, they are being dominated by men (& only men)primarily interested in gaining an advantage to themselves and their commerce.

    This murderer, up to and including the time of the atrocities, was a committed, active Freemason, surely this is worthy of scrutiny, particularly what effect this affiliation had on influencing his mind and actions.

  9. The construction of Rosslyn Chapel, located north of Edinburgh in Scotland, was commenced in approximately 1446 by William Sinclair, who was reputed to have been a Knight Templar that was likely engaged in warfare in the Holy Land. While neither of those facts has been confirmed, the chapel he constructed is filled with images of stone that when viewed as a whole leaves the distinct impression that the site is religious. However, it is definitely not a Christian site and does not easily fit into any current well-known religious motif. It is, in a word, unique revealing evidence that the architect was very much involved with initiatory mysteries.

  10. It’s kinda fun to read how you keep claiming that the masons seek world dominance. Being a mason, i probably will get a number of “you have to say that”, but I will still comment on it, just for the kicks.
    The average age in my lodge is above 67 (retirement age in Norway), and we are a rather young lodge. How on earth would we be able to claim world leadership, if we wanted to? The fact is that we’re too old (I’m in my late 30’s and will be considered a kid for the next 20-30 years).

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