Christians and non-Christians alike are protesting a sign posted by a Florida church that equates Islam with the work of the devil.


Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville in Florida posted a sign early this week. Pastor Terry Jones told local news station WCJB that although most people consider the sign a message of hate, his church sees it as a «message of awareness, of opportunity to talk and to rethink»

He also said the sign is the church’s way of expressing love to Muslims by informing them that Christianity is the only way to heaven, according to The Gainesville Sun. Jones says Islam is deceptive in presenting itself as a religion of peace.

Local residents, however, have reacted with shock and have staged protests outside the church.

Is suicide bombers and expression of the love of God
Is suicide bombers and expression of the love of God

«I was really shocked to see «Islam is of the devil’ on their sign» said Brandon Schneider to the local Action News station. «I’m Jewish but I still take offense to that».

Muslim American Shahnaz Haghanifar said the sign creates hate. Even a member of First Baptist Church of Alachua called the sign a «persecution of religion».

Despite the protests, Jones said his church does not plan to take down the sign and intends to put up even more signs addressing other hot-button issues like abortion and same-sex marriage.

According to city officials, the church is permitted to keep the sign’s message up if it makes the sign smaller and places it lower to the ground.

Church staffs have thanked protesters for drawing attention to the sign and the church.Dove World Outreach Center is a charismatic, non-denominational church founded in 1986, according to the church’s website. It is actively involved in the community, helping to feed and clothe the local poor.

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My comment:

Many Charismatic Churches does a lot of strange and foolish things. You cant explain the truth to a Muslim, by setting up a sign board in a garden, telling them that God does not love them?

Muslim ladies using their freedom to express their love for their god.
Muslim ladies using their freedom to express their love for their god.

Its better to tell them that Islam came into existence 600 years after Jesus had died and resurrected, and 200 year after the Canon of the Bible had been closed. If the Koran is a final and better revelation from «god», that the Bible who claim to be the infallible Word of God, is a complete falsehood.

In the Koran, the name of Abrahams son «Isaac» has been deleted. In Islam there is no covenant between God and Isaac. According to Muslim traditions, the land of Canaan was given to Ishmael, and his sons and daughters. This is the reason behind six Arab wars to try to claim Eretz Israel from the Jewish people. Arabs have become victims of a spiritual battle between the father of all lies and the God of truth, God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.

The Koran tells us that «Jesus» was only a Palestinian prophet. In Islam there is no God the Son, born in flesh by a Jewish mother who named him «Y´shua». If the Koran is correct, Jesus of Nazareth was not divine. Because the Koran explains to us that Allah has no begotten Son.

If we tell a Muslim that Islam is the truth, than we become liars. If we tell one single Muslim that faithfulness to Islam can bring him into the Kingdom of Heaven, than we become children of the devil.

Is it wise to put up a sign on a public lawn, telling in public that Islam is from the devil?

Well, Jesus did not put up any sign boards in public. But once He threw people out of the Temple in Jerusalem. He also told wicked people in public that they were brood of wipers, son of the devil, even whitewashed tombs.

I guess, when you start to walk in his likeness, you will do what is required to make people understand the truth. If you have been a student of Jesus for more than ten years, and do not have the guts to tell the Muslims the truth, you are a complete failure.

If you really love a Muslim, you will tell him the truth.That he can only be saved by Jesus God the Son. He loves all the Muslims. He wants them to pray in His name, and obey Him.

Behold, claimed to be Christians in Florida. Please read:

1 Corinthians 13:3
If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing.

Please keep this in mind, if some Muslims comes and burn down your church.

First published, July 13th 2009.

Written by Ivar