More evidence Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim

First Published: October 7th, 2010.

7 thoughts on “More evidence Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim

  1. Dear brother in Jesus,

    God says, “I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times. what is still to come!…What I have said, that will I bring about; what I have planned that will I do!”  Isaiah 46:10a, 11b  This Bible study compares all the Scripture on each End-time topic and exposes over 12 absolute contradictions of God’s Word by dangerous and deceptive pre-trib doctrines. The next Bible study shows the 7 Bible clues which positively reveals the identity of 666. And finally there is a Bible study which shows how Obama may qualify to be the very deceptive False Prophet of 666.
    Would greatly appreciate any comments or Bible studies you may have on the Last Days.  
    Your eternal friend in Jesus, 

    (edited and shortened comment).

    Dear Richard.

    To write 100 of lines in a big block of words, will not be permitted on this site. Please write short messages, and make a few points at the time.


  2. Obama lowers Israel’s defenses. IAF cannot fly over Iraq to hit Iran’s nuclear plants because Obama says no. Obama arms both Fatah and Lebanon where Hezbullah actually controls that nation. Obama wants to arm the Saudi Arabians with our latest technology even though 15 out of 19 terrorists on 911 were Saudi Arabian. Obama even bows before Arab kings. Obama certainly is not a Christian.

  3. Editor: Give me a break, guess there are multitudes that write more than Richard did…duh!!!maybe this isn’t such a great site after all….

  4. All the evidence was there prior to this election and people were too lazy to read and view what this man was all about..Just look and see what he has done in our country, just a antichrist in action.

  5. The Saudia Arabians are financing a global one world religion which they say will bring about peace between nations and the Vatican is pushing for a world central bank in which the Vatican can control the world’s buying and selling. (Revelation 13:17) The Biblical prophecies about the coming anti-Christ are ringing true.

  6. The Moslem brotherhood hates Israel. Obama just recently approved of more aid to Egypt. Wonder where all this money is coming from.

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