David Cameron met Rupert Murdoch’s executives on no fewer than 26 occasions in just over a year.

David Cameron followed the party traces of News corp and Rebekah Brooks.

The scale of private links between David Cameron and News International was exposed for the first time last night, with the Prime Minister shown to have met Rupert Murdoch’s executives on no fewer than 26 occasions in just over a year since he entered Downing Street.

Rebekah Brooks, who resigned yesterday as chief executive of Mr Murdoch’s Wapping titles over the escalating scandal, is the only person Mr Cameron has invited twice to Chequers.

This is a privilege not extended even to the most senior members of his Cabinet.

James Murdoch, News Corp’s chairmanin Europe and the man responsible for pushing through the BSkyB bid, was a guest at the Prime Minister’s official country residence eight months ago.

And the former NOTW editor Andy Coulson – who was arrested this week in connection with police corruption and phone hacking – was invited by Mr Cameron to spend a private weekend at Chequers as recently as March.

Source: The Independent.uk.

My comment:

To wine and dine with criminals, is not going to win votes for the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

There have been many warnings. But David Cameron did not see the writing on the wall. He had to see the media scandal blowing right in front of his own face, before He understood.

Not exactly a sign that the UK have an independent and wise Prime Minister.  The intermingling of the Global elite is surely not a secret. But David Cameron just gave the corrupt snobs a fresh ugly face.