«The Mother of All Myths is that there will be peace if Israel moves back to the cease fire line from before 1967».

 Dennis Ross with the present caretaker of the security of Zion, Benjamin Netanyahu
Dennis Ross with the present caretaker of the security of Zion, Benjamin Netanyahu

This is a comment by Dennis Ross and David Makovsky in the New York Times.

Their letter to the Editor is called: «Myths, Illusions, and Peace». Its worth reading, because in the midst of global media lies, Ross and Makovsky is telling the truth. Their letter explains that the problem with Radical Islam is to be found within Islam it self.

«Since the origins of so many regional tensions and rivalries are not connected to the Arab-Israeli conflict, it is hard to see how resolving it would unlock other regional stalemates or sources of instability».

«Iran, for example, is not pursuing its nuclear ambitions because there is an Arab-Israeli conflict. Sectarian groups in Iraq would not suddenly put aside their internal struggles if the Palestinian issue were resolved. Like so many conflicts in the region, these struggles have their own dynamic».

My comment:

To force, push or tempt Israel back over the 1967 cease fire lines, is not going to bring peace to the Middle East. Its just a move that will weaken Israel, and invite the Arabs for the next war.

Israel is still facing the same Arab terrorists and dictatorial regimes that did their best to destroy Israel during the war of independence in 1948.

If there had been a true peace after 1948, there would not have been a war in 1967. So how can there be a true peace along the 1967 cease fire line?

For what purpose was the PLO formed in 1964? Was is not to liberate all of Palestine for the sake of Allah? Is Allah dead now, or have he changed his mind?

In 1964, Egypt controlled Gaza, Syria controlled the Golan, and the Kingdom of Jordan was occupying the so-called West Bank. The PLO was not going to «liberate» this area from Allah, because the children of Allah already had this Middle East land under their control.

When are the Arab nations, the US, United Nations and the European union going to tell the truth?

There can only be peace in the Middle East the day the Arabs states recognize Israel`s right to exist, and to have Jerusalem as their undivided capital. Jerusalem does not belong to Islam. Its not even mentioned in the Koran.