After 5 Kassam rockets fired into western Negev, the IDF strikes Gaza.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad does not send rockets into Israel in a bid to recognize the Jewish statehood.

The Israel Air Force attacked multiple targets located in various parts of the Gaza Strip overnight Thursday after Palestinian terrorists fired a total of five Kassam rockets into the western Negev, the IDF Spokesperson confirmed.

The IAF attacked targets in the northern, central and southern parts of Gaza, the IDF said. As a result, Gazan medical workers said two children were lightly injured.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

On New Years eve people fire rockets because they want to celebrate. Hamas does the same. But not only on the new years eve.

Every time the Hamas fire a rocket into Israel, they do not shout anything but “allah is great”. They do not celebrate because Hamas rule in Gaza, but rather because they see an end to the “Zionist state”. Adding to its trouble puts the whole Jewish homeland at risk.

Written by Ivar