Quartet chairs Islamic bid to destroy the Jewish state

Officials: Mideast Quartet talks failed due to disagreement over Israel as Jewish state.

The Quartet headed by Roman Catholic Tony Blair display no respect for a Jewish state.

A senior Israeli official said that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov took mostly pro-Palestinians positions in the Quartet talks and would not allow the inclusion of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state in the concluding statement of the meeting.

Western diplomats and senior officials in Jerusalem say foreign ministers of Mideast Quartet did not issue final statement on meeting over Israel’s demand that Palestinians call it a ‘Jewish state.’

The foreign ministers of the Middle East Quartet failed to reach an agreement on Monday surrounding the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state and therefore did not issue a public statement on their meeting meant to renew Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, Western diplomats and senior officials in Jerusalem said Tuesday.

“The goal was to give each side something that was important to them,” a Western diplomat said. “The Palestinians were supposed to get 1967 borders with land swaps and the Israelis wanted to receive in return the recognition of Israel as the Jewish homeland, but there was no agreement on this matter.”

Source: Haaretz

My comment:

The same spirit that drove the Nazis towards the establishment of a  “Jew free zone” in Europe, drives Islam towards a Middle east free from a “Jewish state”.

As long as there is a Jewish state God of the Bible has proven that His Words are true.  And sadly for all Muslims. There is no truth in the Koran.

The devil has always tried to eradicate the Jewish state of Israel. Just like the devil has tried to destroy the Jewish people, from the genocide planned in the book of Esther up to our present time.

The Quartet is a wicked assembly. These representatives for the Global elite have no regards for the World of God, nor any respect for a God that has regathered Jews to their ancient homeland. Men like Tony Blair wants to please the Pope, and the United Nations has a powerful Muslim block of nations that must be feed. Those nations demands that the UN must throw Israel to the dogs.

Together they all bring curses down on their own heads.

Written by Ivar

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