Saint Bernard got the milk right in his eye, and it cured him. The Vatican claim that the breast milk of “Virgin Mary” was contained.

Catholic Mary expose her breast to Saint Bernard, and shot milk into his eye.

Presently people say, while receiving milk from the heavenly Mother, Saint Bernard was initiated into supreme consciousness and adopted as the son of God and Mary.

The more medieval wording was that Mary filled him with all divine graces and purified all his sins.

Hence her title “Our Lady of All Graces”.

The fame of Saint Bernard spread and his theology justified great Marian devotion.

Christians all over Europe started dreaming about being suckled by the virgin-mother for the salvation of their souls.

Maybe they tapped into an ancient urge and experience of being nurtured at the breasts of a heavenly mother.

Since pre-historic times the divine was portrayed as a woman offering her breasts to all God’s children.

Christians honored Mary’s mother’s milk from the first century on. They held as sacred a white powder that was scraped from the walls of the shelter in Bethlehem where Jesus presumably was born.

Later that white powder from the stable of the nativity was thought to be Mary’s dried milk. Three “drops of this milk” eventually made it into a medallion that emperor Charlemagne (742-814) used to carry into battle.

The Vatican claims that the  breast milk of Mary was first contained in “Milk Grotto in Bethlehem”. The milk made the rock white, and the powder of the rock was collected and sold. It was supposed to have healing powers.

Source: Marian site:

Here are two more illustrations:

Another example of the milk that touched the eye of the "saint".
A claimed to be textile of Catholic Mary containing breast milk at Marienschrein at Aachen Cathedral.

My comment:

The Roman Catholic religion is the most dangerous religion for the Body of Christ. Because it is a perversion of the truth, and a false religion that claims to be the founder of the true Church.

When Miriam, the Jewish virgin gave birth to the Messiah, there would not have been a single priest, bishop or cardinal who would have supported her. She was looked up on as a prostitute, who claimed to give birth to a child, without telling who the father was.

To claim that her breast milk was collected, is one of the worst religious fraud I have ever read about.

What a shame and a mockery launched by religious perverts.

The made up story of Saint Bernard is blunt and shameful. That the Mother of Jesus shall have appeared to him, exposed her breast and sent milk right into his eye. There seems to be no limits of the blasphemous stories the Vatican house of demons is able to come up with.

  Revelation 18:2
With a mighty voice he shouted: “‘Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great!’ She has become a dwelling for demons and a haunt for every impure spirit, a haunt for every unclean bird, a haunt for every unclean and detestable animal.

If you want to live. Renounce the papacy, and leave this false Church.

If you by default read this article, and still end up i Hell. Do not forget that you were warned.

Written by Ivar