Taiwan: Military camper’s dressed up in Nazi uniforms

The Ministry of National Defense (MND) yesterday apologized for posting a photograph showing students wearing Nazi uniforms.

Taiwanese soldiers dressed up as Nazis, triggered a reaction from Israel.

The Nazi uniforms were used during a MND-organized summer camp on its official website, a move that angered local Israelis.
In an emergency press conference held in the ministry yesterday afternoon, military spokesman Lo Shao-ho made an official apology over the incident to the public.

Lo said he had contacted the three students in question, and they all expressed regret for wearing the Nazi uniforms while attending the summer camp held on Monday at Army Armor School in Hsinchu County.

“They said they wore the uniforms for fun as they are all military fans,” said Lo, adding that they didn’t mean to offend anyone and that they are sorry for causing the stir.

He also added that the ministry will ask its press officers to be more careful in the future when choosing photographs.

A careless British Royal wearing a Nazi symbol for a party.

Source: Vosizneias.com

My comment:

To put on a Nazi uniform, is not like wearing a Batman t-shirt.

But some careless people do not see the difference.

One of them is prince Harry of England.

If is not the lack of education, that has made this royal do such a foolish thing.

It is rather spiritual blindness.

Written by Ivar

10 thoughts on “Taiwan: Military camper’s dressed up in Nazi uniforms

  1. Prince Harry was not the first of the House of British Royalty to support the Nazi’s…The King who the World turned into a ‘Love Story’ denounced his crown to be with his true Love! Yet both were Hitler supporters even with promises to turn England over to Germany once he was Crowned King…that plot was ‘stopped’..Though he and his American Wife German supporter continued to support Germany! Blinded people..kind of like our President claiming to be a Christian while supporting enemies of Israel and enemies of The Lord Jesus Christ.

      1. Dear Frank A. McCafferty

        Shalom, and welcome to this site.

        External links from the comment field, is not permitted.

  2. ((“They said they wore the uniforms for fun as they are all military fans,” said Lo, adding that they didn’t mean to offend anyone and that they are sorry for causing the stir.))

    For fun? O, Really? Who are they kidding? Are we all dummies here? I call this a SICK JOKE.

    I stand in support of Israel for what they do to the Jews, they will do to us all (the whole world). So no, this is not “fun” this has to be taken seriously for we are going to be seeing more of this as the days and months go by!!

    1. Well, I think Nazi unifroms are pretty. Doesn’t mean I support Neo-Nazi’s or hate Jews.
      In my opinion this history dogma is stupid. But I guess that’s because Im normal person who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

  3. i think its funny he obviously has a good sense of humor just because people are sensitive doesnt mean he was supporting the nazis and hes obviously supportive of his country he didnt go straight in as an officer he started as a private in basic and worked his way up so i applaud him for having a sense of humor and going against societies sensitive people and i realize that i didnt use correct grammar in this it was only ment to be fast

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