PA TV claims Israeli cities for “allah” and “Palestine”

Israeli cities Jaffa, Safed, Tiberias, and Haifa are in “my country Palestine” on PA TV for children.

One thought on “PA TV claims Israeli cities for “allah” and “Palestine”

  1. The GOd of Israel said that He would recreate the nation of Israel in one day, make the desert bloom, and restore to her a pure language. All this He has done. So these depraved mohammedian loones can claim anything that they want to, and it means absolutely nothing. Allah is impotent! Durring the time of moslem, Ottoman rule, Israel remained a waste land, now, the Jews are back in the land and all GOd’s promises have been kept. Allah, and those who blindly follow him, can do nothing, except what the GOd of Abraham allows. “pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”

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