Two rocket attacks south of Ashkelon; IDF bombs tunnel

Terrorists in Hamas-controlled Gaza attacked south of Ashkelon Saturday with two rockets.

Fresh rockets from Gaza lands outside the Israeli city of Ashkelon.

The Air Force retaliated by bombing a terror tunnel.

No damage or injuries were reported in the missile attacks, and the IDF said the retaliatory bombing scored a direct hit on the tunnel.
As in the past, the Defense Ministry did not explain why the terror tunnels, designed to help terrorists infiltrate and carry out kidnappings, are bombed only after missile strikes on Israelis.

Terrorists have attempted to enter Israel via Hamas-built tunnels, under cover of haze when weather conditions cause poor visibility, and by attempting to cut the security fence. Often, mortar and rocket fire towards Israel are employed in an attempt to distract IDF soldiers.

Source: Israel National News.

My comment:

Rocket fire to target civilians in Israeli, is not a gesture for peace. The Hamas do not know the meaning of the word “peace”. They know only hate for the Jewish people, and have a charter that promotes Global Islamic rule.

Shame on all who support Radical Islam, and betray the state of Israel.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Two rocket attacks south of Ashkelon; IDF bombs tunnel

  1. …..(Global Islamic rule.)…?? ..Global Islamic Rule…Now that’s a Winner if ever heard one….(smile)…NOT!!!’s almost as if the Whole World is Brain-dead…yet the leaders seem to be on a fast paced downward spiral to hell ..attacking, setting up Israel to fail be the ‘Scape-goat’ to get ignorant people to shout against the Jews and all of Israel…The World passing laws to give out a Special Month for Homosexuals & Lesbians, Special Days for All god-less people to unite with Christianity and actually believe it’s a good thing…sin abound, leaders asleep leading the world in deeper sins and blasphemies..Kindergarten Children taught about ‘alternate life styles’.. .Almost funny if it weren’t true…one could say “Beam me up Scotty there is no life form here”…how sad!!

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