Media: “Norwegian girls wants to be raped”

Conservative Norwegian newspaper concludes: Drunk Norwegian girls invites men to rape them.

Drunk and shameless in the city of Bergen. Many of them are raped.

Leading Norwegian Police captain Mr. Harald Andersen got pepper in 2002, when he in public accused drunk Norwegian girls for inviting men to rape them.

Nine years later, the commentator Hilde Sandvik in the conservative newspaper “Bergens Tidende” admits that the police captain was right.

“I regret rebuking this police officer. After seen my own city by night, I have seen drunk teenager hardly having any dress covering. They are so drunk, they can not walk straight. Many of them roam in public, with parts or their full butt exposed for spectators” warns Sandvik.

The political commentator tells the reader about a man that cried bitterly after a night in the city. He said:

“I saw 14-15 year old girls, with their longings stripped off, with their underwear down, and urinating in public places.  Why do they behave like this, asked the man”.

Source: Bergens Tidende.

My comment:

There have always been pimps and hookers around.

But never in such numbers, that we now can see in the streets on a late Saturday evening in many Scandinavian cities.

That drunk Norwegian girls display their private parts in public is a shameful disgrace.

That many of them are raped can not be excused, but fully understood as a self inflicted fruit of their lifestyle. They live in a pit of sin.

  Luke 17:26-29

  “Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man. People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all.

     “It was the same in the days of Lot. People were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building. 29 But the day Lot left Sodom, fire and sulfur rained down from heaven and destroyed them all.

This last generation is surely the Sodom generation.

Written by Ivar

13 thoughts on “Media: “Norwegian girls wants to be raped”


    No dressing room?? or is it an open invitation for rape?

    So why cry after young girls get raped? Didn’t they ask for it?

    Norwegian women now have to dye their hair brown from blond not to offend the Islamists ….. plus the births from rapes of these foreign savages will contribute to babies being born with dark hair … It’s going to be goodbye forever to blond hair…and the Norwegian DNA itself.

    The world is surely changing and whose fault is it?

  2. ….Jes says…..So why cry after young girls get raped? Didn’t they ask for it?..Norwegian women now have to dye their hair brown from blond not to offend the Islamist ….
    No one asks to be molested, or abused, these are wretched souls who think they do an acceptable thing …their minds are molded by Lucifer, the god of this world….just as the Islamist are molded by the very spirit that molded Ishmael, to greed, hatred, jealousy, mocking, even murder..we can’t change them, we can pray for them, for their lot is one not to be coveted. And for a Nation of girls to dye their hair to satisfy Islam is the same spirit that ruled the girls of Germany to give themselves to many men to satisfy Hitler another rancor spirit of damnation to come of greed, lust, murder, hatred, jealousy…we are told they will Hate God so much it gives them pleasure to hinder and harm any human. So no, no one asks to be abused…when the truth dawns on these just like the people of long ago who followed after Lucifer thinking they want to do evil, when the truth dawns on them they too will do like Jesus said…there will be weeping, wailing, screaming and gnashing of teeth..but it will be too late then,..Ohh how sad this generation of vipers strike all even their-selves! Repent Oh poor lost souls, Children of Darkness and come to the Truth….Jesus is The Truth…and he will wash away all shame and wickedness….

  3. I understand this is going on and should be reported, but does this visual have to be showed? I don’t think it is a good thing. Some people have an issue with pornography. I do appreciate your site though and check it daily.

    1. Dear Katie page.


      This picture is not very different from what you will see on every beach in America. I have earlier published pictures that exposes private parts of females, like lesbian kissing. I will not publish such pictures any more.

      1. Ivar…(I have earlier published pictures that exposes private parts of females, like lesbian kissing. I will not publish such pictures any more)……I too don’t like to see such things, (scripturally so, it’s a horrible feeling in my spirit…yet…and I do pray you’ll be patient while I explain…The TV has far worse pictures, though I am not comparing…just bringing to light for Katie-page to be reminded of…the news, commercials, shows, introduction of new TV Series, several I can’t remember them all, all of which insinuate body parts, bed-room antics, good ole boy bar room crude jokes all of which is a Normal sitting from dawn to dust..flip thru them quickly all you want but you’ll still have more in your memory bank by the end of the day…”OR” you can stay only on Christian Shows, whether it be News or Testimonies,(more giving Satan praise of the depth they went to than to Jesus Christ and the depth he went to, to save us) the talk will fill your heart and mind with the very same thing the World does. So why am I saying all of this …is not just for Katie-page, but for you too Ivar, please as hard as it is for me to say this, as long as you continue to be accurate with the Word of God, continue the way you have been, Sodom & Gomorrah or even a woman acting like a prostitute sitting by the road to trick her father-in-law or the Whore House at the entrance of the gate to a city …the Church has all too often cleaned these stories up to where there is no in sin things of darkness as long as it’s Ok in the Bible that people do them that to help others, or to get justification for a right that went wrong. Jesus did not bow down to the masses or to one, in what he deemed important to put in the Holy Scriptures, though he forgave all who repented and stayed in the straight and narrow…WE must not let even our eyes or hearts be the controller of what we must face in these last days…it’s cruel,filthy and for us to be able to shove it aside, we are far too easily to accept it an deny that it really happens…I run in this all the time, “Oh I doubt they would do or all show that”,..Now Ivar if you feel or want to condense this to make it shorter, Please by all means do so…My prayers are for all who read & partake in either to this site Repent to their wicked deeds or to the Saints to stand fast and “Grow Up” we need to be able to withstand the wiles of devil, if we don’t know what they are we will be deceived when we are shown, told and shared in any shape or form. The time for coddling is way past. Hell is far worse and people have no fear of Hell for what all they will endure at the hands of demons and those who hate and curse God. This is just a small sample as The Word tells us, even the tender eyes of your daughters will endure these things..your daughters little boys will sold into prostitution. Even today little girls 7 or so are given in marriage to men 50 or more…We must wake up and see the corruption of this world, in light of the Word, and hate the things of darkness and learn a real Fear of God. Not man! Ivar, I trust the Holy Spirit will reveal the spirit in which I say, Please in the Name of Jesus…don’t withdraw the Truth for any of us,

  4. I mean no disrespect or offense to Kati-page in what I said, only meant to share what over flooded my heart as I read both comments on this issue.

  5. I am an increasingly-interested reader of your blog, and I just want to say that I agree with Kati-page. I appreciate being educated on this topic, but adding the picture feels wrong in many ways.

  6. Yes, we know the world is a dark place, everywhere we look. I can choose not to turn on tv, etc and I don’t watch tv because of the little it offers that is wholesome. We know what we can expect from them – filth and continually blaspheming God. Personally, on a christian website, I prefer not to see nakedness. To stay informed does not mean we have to be shown nudity, vulgarity to get the point across. I understand not all people agree, so we make our own choices of what we expose our eyes, our mind to.

  7. It is not a ‘I agree with one or the other’..we are Christians and I would never knowingly say anything that would bring about agree with this or that one…but rather remain that the Cross and agree with that…Jeremiah even agreed with the prophet who prophesied in error, that he hoped it would be as he said…in that I do pray that with all my heart that no one has to witness the things that are in real life in many areas of America. Acts so vile yet allowed. So with a deep apology I would never want to offend or get a discussion started between what one sees and one who has yet to view what the world allows in this generation for public viewing even at Disney Land & Disney World, restaurants other stores tourist towns, where people have to work travel on, but can’t speak up less they loose their jobs or worse be arrested for verbal abuse to the ‘fare-haired children of darkness ruling the streets. So it’s a choice to leave, or be quiet. I have chosen to not be quiet (thus I need to ask Kati please accept my apology for offending you or anyone… in Jesus Name. for you are not one of those who do these things..but rather do believe in our Lord Jesus Christ…)

  8. Norway may be a small country but I’m sure there are public bathrooms etc. everywhere so this woman SHOULD HAVE changed in a private place rather than expose her ugliness.

    And though this picture might have appeared on the internet, in tabloids, and viewed around the world, yet it is so utterly disgusting for each time I open this site to read the comment I have to drag down the page quickly in order to avoid seeing the ugliness.

    I totally agree with Katie Page and Bridget – I don’t want to say more but I think every follower of Yeshua(Jesus) should !!STOP!! commenting further just so we don’t have to open this page again but move on to something more important.

    Yeshua said ‘Many are invited but few are chosen” MATTHEW 22:14…. So let’s do our best to be the “Invited Ones” for the wedding feast of the LORD… Amen!!

    1. Dear Jes

      The end times will surely display ugliness. Paul speaks about terrible times, and Jesus explained it would be worse than ever.

      I agree that a prophetic end time web site do not have to publish nakedness. And I will avoid doing so. But I underline, that the picture form Bergen, Norway, is neither harmful nor expose nakedness.

      If you feel so, you must avoid taking your children to the beach. People who are offended by swimsuits should rather stay home.

      1. Hello! Ivar,

        I really didn’t want to respond anymore to this article, but just because you addressed this comment to me, I was compelled to reply.

        Re. 1st Para: Well yes I do agree with what you say.

        Re. the 2nd para: Thank you. But – re.
        ((“the picture form Bergen, Norway, is neither harmful nor expose nakedness” ))

        Well, I guess not in your opinion and/or many others around the world – but in a true Biblical point of view isn’t it wrong? And you being a Christian don’t think it’s wrong? This is something all Bible Believers have to consider, I’m not hinting at anybody but this is what Yeshua(Jesus) wants from us – “modesty” because our bodies are the “temple of the living G-d”.

        Re. 3rd para: Well, in the picture above it hardly looks like the woman is at a swimming pool, but some mall or perhaps on the road – but you can clearly see the lady passing in front of her is very embarrassed.
        As for me and my family, we don’t go to the beaches anymore the waters are diseased including the lakes but we do go camping and enjoy the nature. I’m not offended by swimsuits, but seeing someone strip in the middle of public places is sheer DISGUST!!

        Ivar, most of your articles are very interesting, please get a good one and let’s all leave this and move on to the new one .. Thanks again and have a nice day!!


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